India is on its way to growing significantly with Artificial Intelligence

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Apr 1, 2019 | 6360 Views

The ability of machines to exhibit human intelligence was just an idea when Artificial Intelligence was on its arrival to this world. Much has changed with its advent. You look at the world 50 years back and compare it with now, it is a completely different scenario. The technological world we have shifted into now when much of the work is done online, businesses are growing online, cloud computing is already on its rise with a majority of the companies are dependent on storages in cloud-based platforms and big data is into the picture creating many opportunities for the tech giants. Indeed this is an era of technology and every country which needs to grow and evolve itself to become a superpower must be competitive in using and dealing with technology. 

With China, USA, Japan, Germany already using Artificial Intelligence and a little ahead of India, India is truly embracing AI and proposes to use it in a majority of its sectors like healthcare, Education, Smart cities and Infrastructure, Smart mobility and Transportation and Agriculture, to become a superpower. The government's initiative in 2015 for a Digital India was just a step towards a transparent and digital India when NITI Aayog released its discussion paper on National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence #AIFORALL in June 2018 and cleared its mindset of bringing Artificial Intelligence to solve the economic and technical problems India is facing and for creating a better India. In fact, a developed India where India is pacing in every sector and becoming a superpower. 

According to research by Accenture AI has the potential to add US$957 billion or 15% of current gross value added, to India's Economy in 2035 which is significant. When the think tank of every country plans to come out with tactics to improve the country's economy, AI contributing significantly makes sense for its adoption. 

The usage of AI in healthcare is of greater importance where it is possible to develop machines assisting patients and giving them prescriptions for a number of common diseases when it is not necessary to take an appointment and stand in queues for minor diseases. The daily dosage and appointment reminders make these AI machines in healthcare even more good and friendly. Artificially Intelligent machines are even tackling the problem of insomnia by getting in a conversation with the patients in long sleepless nights. 

Intelligent systems in Education can serve to be fruitful when it will be possible to impart education to even remote access areas and teaching children outside of the four walls of the classroom. How good it sounds to have an individualistic approach in Education when students are able to learn from intelligent machines giving them real-time solutions for each of their doubts when students find difficult to clear doubts in fix hours classrooms.
The use of AI in self-driving cars seems fascinating! 
Online shopping with Recommender systems showing items matching our interests seems more customer friendly while making a purchase.
India's food delivery platform Swiggy acquired AI startup recently (which I have also discussed in my previous articles) for adding more value and revenue to its business.

The usage of Artificial Intelligence in serving humankind is tremendous. The revenue generated with its adoptions by companies is remarkable. India has already realized it in the recent past and has come up with discussions in the matter. The need for the hour now is to bring much awareness about this technology (Artificial Intelligence) for investing more in it. 

Source: HOB