Your treatment could become easier with Virtual Assistants!

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Mar 29, 2019 | 6822 Views

The long waiting lines in hospitals seems frustrating and disappointing at the times of serious illness. It's true that Healthcare Industry has reached its zenith of discovering the treatments of those illnesses which were once seen impossible in the past. But, with a rise in research and technology in healthcare, scientists have actually found answers to many of those diseases. It is also a fact that treatments are useful when they are provided with time. Treatments without any availability of the Doctors is annoying. But thanks to technology that this major problem which was faced by many of the patients of unavailability of doctors seems easier to solve with Artificial Intelligent (or simply AI-driven) Chatbots. 

A chatbot uses Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to solve complex tasks without any human intervention. A chatbot caries out a useful conversation with you. With the help of Natural language, it understands your natural language and replies in text or speech as is the chatbot designed.

Chatbots find their great usage majorly in customer interaction by the tech companies where companies use chatbots in customer service calls or in branding about their services through different platforms. In regards to the healthcare sector, a Chatbot serves more than just an assistant. It becomes more of a supporter assisting you in major of your critical time when it is impossible for you to get in touch with your Doctor.

With a Virtual Assistant or a Chatbot in Healthcare, the problem of Patients waiting in queue for meeting with the Doctor for small diagnosis could actually be solved when the chatbot is with the patients only assisting them for the prescription and dosage. Just like your Google voice search asking it to search about anything you desired and it shows the results, the chatbot, in this case, assisting the patient can understand your symptoms when you tell it to it and answers to your questions providing the desired prescriptions you need.  

This is excellent from a patient s point of view when the time get saved and he does not have to wait all along in a disease. Also, it is helpful from a Doctor s perspective when the minor diseases could be assisted by a Chatbot and the Doctor could find more time to look after the prolonged and major illness.

The daily dosage of the medicine which we need to take while in treatment seems a forgetful task and becomes skippy sometimes. In some diseases, the treatment is rigorous and demand your complete attention. Skipping a dosage could be a little harmful to your health. If you are one of them who is a little forgetful on these parts that do not worry. The chatbot will take care of that. It will serve as the best  Virtual Assistant to you in that case where it will remind you about your daily dosage and your appointments with Doctor.

The influence of technology in our lives is huge, surprising us at every moment and making us feel gratitude towards making our life much easier than we ever had.

Source: HOB