Artificial Intelligence on High Demand- Swiggy buys AI Startup

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Mar 29, 2019 | 10569 Views

Artificial Intelligence (or simply AI), the technology to built intelligent machines solving complex tasks without requiring any human for instruction, is shaping our future. You take in any sector whether it is Healthcare, Financial, Business, Education AI is the need of the hour for businesses to sustain themselves in this era of big competition in the market. As the advancements in AI are increasing with the number of innovations happening at every moment so the number of companies deploying AI into their business to create revenue and profit. AI is seriously a big topic nowadays. In fact, a hot topic, with every tech industry using it in several of its services. 

A piece of recent news got much attention when the leading Food Ordering and Delivery platform Swiggy acquired AI Startup Swiggy is already in the top list of Food delivery platform this time providing food to its customers from their favorite restaurants. "Swiggy's mission is to bring unparalleled convenience into the lives of urban consumers. We do this by operating a three-way, hyper-local marketplace where we match consumer demand with supply from restaurants and delivery partners," Dale Vaz, Head of Engineering and Data Science, Swiggy, told IANS.

Started with few locations in Bangalore, Swiggy has widespread its business now to the major parts of the country. The company was already leading when it also acquired AI startup and added much flavor to its already reaping profits.

The AI startup is specialized in deep learning (which comes under Machine Learning) and computer vision which aims at recognizing images and videos by the computer system. This will help the computer system understands the images more accurately (as in the case of veg and non-veg) which will help in delivering accurate food with the least chances of error to the customers. "The team at comes with an exceptional and expertise in AI, Machine Learning and Data Sciences. This acqui-hire is part of Swiggy's strategy to scale our tech prowess by bringing in entrepreneurial teams that can solve unique customer problems," said Dale Vaz, Head of Engineering and Data Science, Swiggy.

Indeed, it is going to create a significant change in terms of creating customer satisfaction and creating a personalized experience for the customers.

The future of Artificial Intelligence is great. India is already realizing its need in each of its sectors. The think tank of India is already planning to use Artificial Intelligence in the major part of its sectors involving Manufacturing, healthcare, Agriculture, etc. and is taking initiatives on that part.

Source: HOB