Five Must-Read Books of Machine Learning and Data Science

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Mar 29, 2019 | 10116 Views

Machine Learning and Data Science are the careers in highlights today with the opportunities growing in these fields like never seen before. For any learner to develop a career in these fields require a sheer amount of dedication with the relevant skills and knowledge. e-Books are the source of knowledge in this digital world. Due to the various platforms on Data Science and Machine Learning, it becomes difficult for the learner to choose among a variety of online courses and materials. 

For the same reason, we are here to provide you a list of 5 books which will play a key factor in honing your skills in Data Science and Machine Learning and sets you apart from your competitors. The good part of reading these books is that they are freely available. So you need not to pay any money as well but just providing your quality time reading these books. The books are:

Dive Into Deep Learning is a free book that will take you to a number of chapters detailing the various concepts of Deep Learning. After reading the book you will develop a clear understanding of Neural Networks that are the fundamental base of deep learning, Computer vision, Natural Language processing and more interconnected concepts of deep learning. It is a great learning opportunity for any learner starting a career in Machine Learning and developing concepts from such a helpful book.

Python is the most sought after Programming Language by the Companies in Data Science today. Due to its much popularity in recent times, it has become utmost important for the learners to learn Python. For beginners its a difficulty to start with Programming languages like Python but there is nothing to worry when A Byte of Python is there. You will get to learn from the basic understanding of Python through this book. The book will provide you a beginner understanding of the language helping you learn from the start.

Mathematics is the key skill of any Machine Learning Engineer among many others. You should have a strong command over your Mathematical skills to solve much of the complex problems. This book will clear many of your key concepts in Mathematics requiring for Machine Learning and will lay a foundation for you to understand Machine Learning algorithms using various Mathematical concepts.

Reinforcement Learning has its wide applications in recent time with the ability to make learning a Machine from the rewards it receives. The term especially and its deep applications and problems associated with various Machine Learning algorithms are often not understood by the learners deeply. This book will take care of this knowledge on that part. The book will take you through Reinforcement Learning and the various problems faced in Learning, Reinforcement algorithms that you must learn in order to solve many of the learning problems involved in Machine Learning.

Data Visualization plays an important role in delivering your valuable insights to your audience. An effective Data Visualization helps your viewers and your stakeholders understand the important findings that you found through your data. So it becomes important to have an effective visualization for a clear understanding of your insights otherwise which nothing will make much sense. The book will provide you the skills you need to effectively visualize your data which is must if you are already moving ahead in Data Visualization and Data Science.

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