Reasons why you should opt for a Cloud Computing Certification

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Mar 28, 2019 | 7620 Views

With more and more companies opting for cloud services today and Cloud services providing support to the organizations in terms for the faster execution of their data, reducing costs for the company in terms of the hardware and software costs that the company needs to incur in the absence of a cloud service and the very important part on the accessibility the cloud provides- getting access to the data from anywhere no matters where the head office of the organization holds good for the market of Cloud Computing to grow enormously. The worldwide Public Cloud Services Market is projected to grow by 17.33% in 2019 to total $206.2B up from $175.8B in 2018 according to Gartner.  Getting a Cloud Computing Certification now seems an excellent idea for growing in this career and to get to the dream Cloud Computing Professional job providing security, career opportunity, and obviously higher salaries due to the rising market in the cloud.

  • As if the qualifications and technical skills that we acquire from a professional degree also holds good to apply for the job of a Cloud Computing professional but having a Cloud Computation Certification serves best and holds no corner to lag behind in the selection criteria for being a Cloud Computing professional in any of the top companies. The certification actually increases the chances of getting selected amidst many aspiring candidates.

  • Every organization today is using a cloud to satisfy its high hardware and software needs and is seeking skilled candidates for the same to manage much of the technical work involved in cloud services used by the organization. A Certification in Cloud Computing enhances your skills for the same and proves yourself the best for any company to deploy you as their cloud computing professional. Obviously, the company will prefer a candidate having a Cloud Computing Certification from AWS or Microsoft Azure over a candidate lacking such certification.

  • Having a Cloud Computing Certification will add flavor to your already existing talents and will add up your chances of getting into becoming a Professional.

  • Cloud Computing is the technology which is already growing and is expected to grow at a larger rate in the future as well. So if you are getting a certification in that you have already moved your steps to a world full of opportunities.

  • Also due to the market increase, the job is quite secure in the field of cloud which makes it further a good career to be in. 

  • A Cloud Computing Certification will serve as a ticket to you to land yourself to your favorite job at the desired company which sounds good.

  • Indeed the confidence of the companies lies more at those candidates having a good certification and it also boosts your confidence when you already have the requisite certifications for the required job.

Source: HOB