How can Artificial Intelligence be used in Education?

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Mar 27, 2019 | 7053 Views

Artificial Intelligence has already amazed the world with its mind-boggling innovations serving to humankind like never before. From Healthcare to Business, Finance to Manufacturing AI has been in the widespread usage in recent times in almost every sector and is already gaining much popularity. The uses of Chatbots in customer service roles is significant while the use of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare is remarkable. In this article, we will try to explore the ways by which Artificial Intelligence could be effectively used in Education creating remarkable changes in Education which we have always desired for. By the way, Education is the fundamental thing of any nation which is responsible for the growth of the nation and must be strong enough for the development of the country.

Let us discuss some of the ways by which Science and technology can be used with Education and create meaningful changes in the Education sector.

  • AI can develop a system of Automated Grading
Grading has always been a tedious task for teachers mostly when the number of students is pretty large in a classroom and mock tests, essays, and several other tests are a part of the curriculum. It takes a huge time and attention. And also it becomes quite impossible to focus every student in the class with its grades. With automated grading with the help of AI systems could be developed to make teachers free on this respect which would allow teachers to use this time in other meaningful and purposeful tasks for students while at the same time grading is done by AI systems.

  • Adaptive Learning
It is a dream of every student to be focussed individually by the teacher so that whenever a doubt will arise the teacher is there to assist him. The same goes from a teacher's perspective as well to keep attention on every individual student so that the learning could become better and personalized. With AI into the Education sector, the concept of Adaptive learning programs is possible with systems responding and adjusting as per the learner's capability are developed so that the learner gets the real-time response, understand each concept and clear doubt simultaneously. This makes learning more interesting and also productive while not waiting for the teacher's response to come and clear doubts and then move to the next.

  • Accessibility to Students
With the use of AI into Education, learning seems simple even when a student is unable to attend class lectures. AI can provide remote access to students who want to learn but never get a chance to attend classes due to some or other reasons. This is powerful indeed. Traditional approaches seem difficult in these sad real situations where a number of students do not get access to Education due to their inability to go to the schools or colleges. But with the help of AI situations like these could be handled appropriately.

  • Feedback
With AI systems feedback is provided to Teachers and Educators providing online courses. This helps Educators learn about the loopholes in a particular course by getting feedback from the students watching the course which in turn make the courses more effective and thus provides a useful course to the learners. This is very important for Educators to improvise their learning methods and provide a better learning experience to the learners.

Source: HOB