Exploring various Careers other than Data Scientist in Data Science

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Mar 26, 2019 | 6315 Views

Although Data Science is the buzz this time gaining huge importance in e-learning platforms, there is a slight confusion of the various job profiles existing in Data Science. It is true that 'Data Scientist' is a position which is known to everyone aspiring for a career in Data Science, but its a fact that there are other profiles as well that do exists in the field which must be known to every aspirant aspiring to develop a career in the field. The aim of this article is to provide you information about those key areas where you can actually develop your career. Well, it's not disheartening for all those who are interested in Data Scientist but attention to all those who want to explore more careers into this field.

Let us discuss in brief about these careers that you can pursue in Data Science. Let us begin

  • Data Analyst
A Data Analyst job in an organization is to clean, process and analyze the data with an aim to draw some meaningful insights out of it that will increase the profitability of the organization. Data Analysts serves a key role in the way that the insights drawn by them play an important role in the decision making of the organization. The insights told by them to various departments are taken as the factors needed to put attention on.
A degree in Mathematics, Statistics or Computer Science with the relevant technical skills added with soft skills of curiosity, communication will take your career ahead into this field.

  • Business Analyst
As Business Analysts you will serve a key role in the organization by analyzing the business problems and come up with those technical solutions that successfully take the business of your company rise to a new height. He is the one who understands the business requirements, its aim, and objectives and tries to align the business in a mode so as to achieve the best out of the given scenario. As a Business Analyst, you must have strong communication skills because you will be the only bridge connecting your different departments and the stakeholders. 
Some of the companies prefer a Bachelor's or a Master's degree in Business Administration or Economics for a Business Analyst role and obviously added with strong communication skills.

  • Statistician
Analyzing trends, making out the decisions by looking at the trend, working with numbers and statistics sometimes becomes a little difficult without Statisticians who are excellent while working with statistics and numbers. They help in taking important decisions while analyzing trends and patterns and helps the organization achieve its goal.
Companies usually prefer a Bachelor's or a Master's degree in Mathematics or Statistics for a Statistician role with the added quality of being excellent in Quantitative and Statistics.

  • Machine Learning Engineer
When it comes to programming or the software skills a Machine Learning Engineer is the one who will actually top the list. A machine Learning Engineer builds algorithms and programs that make a normal machine behave like an intelligent machine. He is very good in Programming. Programmable skills in Java, Python, C++ will help you build your career into the field.
A Bachelor or Masters degree in a relevant field along with the excellent programming skills will land you to the position of a Machine Learning Engineer.

  • Data Architect
A Data ArchitectWhether does all the responsibilities related to managing, storing or organizing data in an organization. He takes care of the data right from its assessment while collecting to storing and protecting the data for its proper and authorized usage in an organization. A Bachelor Degree in Information Technology or Computer Science with good software skills will hold good to make a career in Data Architect.

Source: HOB