Who are Business Analysts? What Role do they have? What skills do they require?

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Mar 20, 2019 | 26673 Views

Who are Business Analysts?
As Businesses are growing and expanding their horizons, it has become a need of the hour to have those talented employees in the organization who are able to manage the business and provide right strategies to achieve the aim and objectives of the Business. Following the right strategy and having the right roadmap is the only way to reach to your goal while doing any business. You will need to identify the current situation of your Business, its final destination and obviously the strategy that will lead you to reach that destination. What happens to those Businesses which does not have any information about their condition, their aims, and objectives or the decisions they need to take in achieving success in the Business.to to stand Obviously they die. To help you survive in the growing competition, to help you grow and achieve profits, to help you with the best decisions a Business Analyst works in the organization. 
I hope you must have got the idea about a Business Analyst who analyses the current situation of the Business and comes up with strategies and roadmaps to help the organization reach its goal.

What Role do they have?

Business Analysts serves a key role in an organization. Some of the roles that Business Analysts performs are:
  • Business Analysts understand the objectives and the targets of the business and above all, find key solutions in achieving those targets. They clearly understand the principles that govern an organization and understand its needs. They understand where the Business needs to move and what are the key factors affecting the Business.
  • A Business Analyst after understanding the objectives and the target work towards areas which are needed to be developed to grow the business. A Business Analyst finds the technological solutions which determine the growth of the business and provides strategies to move the Business towards its goal.
  • A Business Analyst is the one who Communicates between the Stakeholders and the teams. He serves as the bridge for communication. He communicates to the Stakeholder and company the analysis he gained after researching on the current scenario of the company and also communicates the strategies needed to improve the situation. He communicates about the targets and objectives of the business with the utmost clarity, giving out a clear viewpoint of the business and presenting the roadmap in which the organization must move to get the desired profits. 
  • A Business Analyst serves the key role by helping to increase the operational efficiency of the business by providing the right decisions. 
  • He provides cost-effective solutions for the company to increase the profitability of the organization.

What skills do they require?
The skills that a Business Analyst must possess are:
  • Strong Communication skills
A Business Analyst must possess strong communication skills because he needs to communicate with various Stakeholders, Departments, and teams in the company. Only a strong communicator will be successful in exchanging information between people.
  • Strong Writing Skills
A Business Analyst should have strong writing skills in order to write efficiently all the company's strategies, objectives aim so that the well understandable writings depicting the same could be produced before the same.
  • Good Technical Skills
A Business Analyst should have strong technical skills because many of the works involve usage of software applications to work on and also he should be good at making presentations which are necessarily needed.

Source: HOB