What Should I do after Graduating in Computer Science?

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Mar 19, 2019 | 13119 Views

Having a degree in Computer Science today is a nice idea especially when there are lots of opportunities available today in the field. Majority of the services are available online today. We are reaching the zenith in terms of our innovations and technology. Robotics, Artificial Intelligence already doing great in the field. The jobs related to Data Science, Data analytics are increasing rapidly. Majority of the businesses are working online and becoming the top leaders. What other should I say to you to make you feel that you are possessing the right degree in this technology-driven world? It is up to you now how better can you make with this degree. For the same assistance, I have come here for my readers to make them aware of some of the careers they can pursue in this field so as to achieve the maximum out of their professional life. 

Below are some of the careers that you could pursue after getting your degree in Computer Science and make significant growth ahead. I have mentioned some to make you aware of the careers in the field when there are a bunch of opportunities available to computer science graduates today.

  • Software Developer
A software Developer develops software for computers. He writes codes, designs, tests & develops computer software. For a Software Developer, you need to have a strong command in Programming.

  • Website Developer
A web developer is into developing websites. Their tasks include coding to developing websites so to make it a user-friendly and also appealable at the same time.

  • Business Intelligence Analyst
A Business Intelligence Analyst is required by many of the organizations today to analyze their data and identify the underlying patterns required to improve the operational efficiency of the business.

  • UX Designer
Being a UX(User experience) designer you need to find meaningful ways to improve the user experience of the product of the company where you are working. You need to manage the entire process of integrating, branding and design of a particular product.

  • Data Security Analyst
Data Security Analysts play a key role in the organization by working on methods to protect data from unauthorized access and protecting the data.

  • IT Manager
An IT (Information Technology) Manager is responsible for managing the hardware and software of a company providing cost-effective solutions to the company and ensures the computing system of the company runs well.

  • Hardware Engineer
A Hardware Engineer is into creating, designing, and development of hardware parts of a computer system and obviously plays a significant role in the time when everything is done on the computer. 

  • Software Support Analyst
A software support analyst is all that a customer needs when encountering any problem related to software issues. A Software Support Analyst solves issues and problems related to software.

  • Website Designer
A web Designer comes up with the appealing designs and layout for a website that appeals to the customer and enhances user involvement and experience by creating attractive visuals and layout.

  • Database Developer
A Database Developer creates computer databases.

Source: HOB