What Skills do you require to become a Machine Learning Engineer?

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Mar 19, 2019 | 17211 Views

Artificial Intelligence (or AI) is a growing field. Advancements in technology, recent innovations, and developments in the field have made it much popular and obviously a significant one nowadays. The idea behind AI is to make machines intelligent as humans so that they solve complex problems and tasks without being instructed by a human guide. Machine Learning,  a subfield of AI, is an application to achieve AI. With the help of Machine Learning only, it has become possible for machines to learn on their own and solve those complex problems which are not programmed or fed into them.

Machine Learning has a growing career with nearly every of the IT, Financial, Healthcare using Machine Learning to solve bigger issues and challenges. The major requirement of the companies today is to find candidates who are skilled and capable enough to fit into the profile of Machine Learning Engineer.

Below are the skills that companies are looking for in the candidates

  • Passion
Passion is the supreme of any other skill and talent that an employee has. Having the relevant qualifications and certifications will serve no purpose until you develop a sense of passion. It should be seen in your work and personality. Companies are looking for it. No doubt. The career into becoming a Machine Learning Engineer requires a lot of complex problems needed to be solved or analyzing much of the raw data. You should have a passion for the same. You should have the desire to come with a new solution anyway.

  • Strong in Mathematics, Statistics, and Probability
For a Machine Learning Engineer, it becomes very important to have a good background in Mathematics, Statistics, and Probability to understand patterns, data sets and predict outcomes. A major part of your work will involve statistics, Mathematics and obviously probability for Data Prediction. it becomes a necessary part which you cannot ignore while aspiring to become a Machine Learning Engineer. If you are already good at that, it's great news, otherwise, you really need to work hard and improve the same. 

  • A strong hand in Programming Languages
Whether its Python, Java or R, making a career in Machine Learning will require you to develop a good understanding of the Programming Languages. You need to have a basic understanding with strong programmable skills as you will need them in a major part of your work in coding. If you are already learning any programming language of your own interest and developing its basic understanding, I will suggest you learn Python and R as well. Python and R are the programming languages that are looked at by most of the companies in the candidates.

  • Desire to Learn
Machine Learning is a field that is growing every day. New innovations and new technologies are always coming into the market. To evolve in this field, you should and must have the desire to learn new every day. Just sticking onto your own principles and working out with the same techniques will not lead to a productive result unless you try to explore the new and learn the new concepts every day. You should be open to new ideas and new challenges. It will make you grow into the field.

I hope, the above skills will help you in developing your career ahead into becoming a Machine Learning Engineer. I will try to share some more skills in my next article.

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