Don't fall much deeper into Technology that it sucks you!

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Mar 15, 2019 | 6042 Views

I start my day going through the Facebook and Instagram posts of my friends and that is how my day starts. This is the reality of many around us in a time when technology is into our lives like oxygen into the lungs if I am not wrong to say like this.

People sitting for long hours in front of the screen, scrolling, and scrolling, and ultimately suffering from insomnia, frustration and obviously lacking the real joy of life. It must be understood by us that humans are made in a way that they feel the real joy after connecting to nature or the people around them. Exchanging and feeling the energy of love, happiness makes us feel contended. This obviously comes from starting a warm communication with the people around you rather putting yourself into a zone of engaging in futile talks online.

There are always been reports flooding into the media about how technology must be used and the ill effects we get in return, if not used properly. But, it's disappointing to know the fact that we hardly pay attention to all these reports.

There are a growing number of depressed young people who are already suffering from the online world which need to be addressed quick. Teenagers engaging in social media and going in depression for not getting attention. Lack of deep communication between immediate members of the family, a widening gap between people in the real world obviously seeks our attention to addressing social problems fast. To this context I would like to mention here one of the quotes of Albert Einstein - "I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots". Technology has grabbed us like anything that it has become impossible to get away from it.

We listen to experts who always advise people to put their phones out of the sleeping area at night, to turn the screen off before 1-2 hours of sleep, but rarely some people actually follow this advice.

Back pain, weak eyesights, strain, mental disorders, insomnia, increasing mental pressure, and depression are some of the ill effects of using computers and laptops relentlessly for long hrs.

Yes, obviously its a fact that we are into a digital world and using technology and getting benefitted from it is our right and privilege but we should learn that life is also meant to live as well.

With the above article if I would say here its the fault of technology and make technology responsible for every of our illness than I would be a fool to say that when there is so much to be grateful for technology. Life has become easier, better and comfortable with technology. With the advent of technology and several of its application, we have seen an enormous and positive shift into our lives that we never expected before.

The question that we should now ask to ourselves is: If technology is all to be cursed for all our illness or the way we are using it and imbibing into our lives needs to be changed? The answer is obvious. There is a need to use technology in a way that the balance of life shall not get disturbed.

Source: HOB