Must read to know about Data Visualisation

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Mar 14, 2019 | 5559 Views

Rightly said by John Tukey - "The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see". Indeed this is the case. Humans have a tendency to get attracted to visuals. Pictures appeal to us. Reading so much of the content versus having a pictorial or graphical representation of the same obviously makes us choose the latter one. The graphical or pictorial representation is indeed a quicker way to analyze and know the trend in data and also everyone does not like reading so much when there is an option to depict the same information in visual form. 

This is how Data visualization comes into the picture and becomes a remarkable field when dealing with a large set of Data.

Almost every of the field involving data makes use of Data visualization, which is also desired. I mean, suppose you are dealing and finding insights while working on a particular data which does not contain any of the data in visualizing form. It will become a tiring situation indeed. Also, Data visualization becomes important to look at when you are sharing insights or information with your business partners or your consumers. Graphical or the pictorial representation will do and work more.
There are lots of content available on the internet & books that uses data visualization. In absence of what it would be boring to read and conceptualize the matter. It's easy to look at the pictures and graphs to draw inferences. Analyzing data and gaining useful information becomes easier when data is available in tabular, 
graphical or pictorial form. In short, Data visualization is nothing but presenting your data in a graphical or pictorial form, which is obviously easy to understand.

Data visualization is used by the companies for a variety of purposes which involves Identifying trends, comparing growth, taking decisions, knowing customer interests, and many others. Analysts look at the graphs and identify the trend.

The history of Bruce Springsteen which is the data visualisation of the songs of Bruce Springsteen, the Hello sun app visualising the movement of the sun and the moon, Living space visualising the International space station are some of the many Data visualisations that you must take a glance on to know how amazing and interesting Data visualization is.

To make your Data an appealing one, there are many Data visualization tools available in the market which will make your data clear, effective and understandable to the users looking it. Tableau, Infogram, fusion charts, Chart blocks, Datawrapper, Plotly are some of the Data visualization tools.

If the above description about Data visualization interested you and you would want to make a career into it, than I must tell you that you need to have strong analytical skills and have good command in Mathematics, statistics and computer science with a good command in some of the programming languages like Python, R, Java, C.  

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