Chatbots-"Casper and U-Report" coming into the big picture

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Mar 12, 2019 | 7170 Views

The idea behind this article is to make aware all the readers of the two very purposeful chatbots "Casper and U-Report" among many other chatbots which are developed with an intention to serve for a greater role in society.

For those who are unknown of chatbots and their usage, here is a brief explanation of what a chatbot is and how it is used.

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence software which is used for carrying out the conversation through text or speech in the absence of a human to perform the same. You must have gone through customer service calls when you get feedback with a human voice sounding like a typical robot asking you to enter the input in text or booked your flight ticket with the help of a bot sending auto-generated messages to you and asking the relevant information. These are the examples of a chatbot which is used specifically to cater to your demands and serve good customer satisfaction. Natural language processing is the technology that is used in the creation of a chatbot like many others.

Now, coming to the bots which actually stuck me in the heart is "Casper and U-Report", which I am going to brief now for your understanding and how you could use them to create a better world to live in.

  • U- REPORT:
U- Report is the chatbot used by UNICEF (United Nations children's fund), a social messaging tool, asking the common masses (anyone can be a part of it) if any issue persists in their surrounding that needed to be raised and bring about a change they want to see in the surroundings. Polls related to issues such as water, health, education, AIDS and others are conducted via SMS to gain information and feedback about the challenges faced by people. U-Report is available on facebook, twitter, and SMS as well and registration is free for any who wants to voluntarily take part in this CHANGE process. If you are looking at any issue around you which need to be raised on, you could also register yourself on U-Report and be a part of the change in your society.

We all have faced some hard times in our life when getting into a deep sleep becomes a dream. Many of the people around the globe suffer from insomnia, finding it hard to sleep at night, want someone to talk to them to relieve stress and help them to go to sleep. It is the time when even your close family members won't be able to get in a conversation with you and you are all left alone. But with Casper Insomnobot-3000, it is possible to find the one who actually talks to you in that sleeplessness time, sharing your feelings of how restlessness you feel.  What could be more amazing than this?

I hope, with the above short description of the two amazing bots, in your view, chatbots must have become like a helping friend and the keenness of getting familiar with the technology must have risen.

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