Data Mining - Worth a concept to know about

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Mar 12, 2019 | 6750 Views

Data science, Data mining and Data analysis are abuzz today. You look at the number of jobs that are growing with each coming day in these fields, it will surprise you completely. The reason behind this is simple, We are living in a digital era. 

We are living in an era in which for even shopping we don't have to step out of our home, our children don't necessarily have to actually move out to the universities for their admission (many of the processes is online), we could get the answer of any question with just one click at Google and the list will go on if we will try to figure out how our lives have shifted to a digital world.

Have you ever thought how google shows you the past history when you are all searching over the net or how do you get the relevant items in an online shopping after your some purchases done online? What are you giving to the websites each and every time you are surfing the net or purchasing anything? 

All you are giving is the data! You are giving out the data to the companies who are behind these online shopping sites or the browsers and making them aware of your choices if I will simply put in.
When we understand the concept of data as being a customer, it readily comes to our mind of how these companies which are running businesses online are using our data which we need to have a good customer interaction with us.
This is for the purpose the concept of Data science, Data mining and Data analysis have come into the picture and we will try to understand here in brief about Data mining. I have discussed Data science in my various articles before and will try to cover Data analysis in the future articles to help you gain a good understanding.

Data mining, if simply defined is nothing but a process to extract relevant and useful information from a big amount of data (often unstructured). You could understand the useful information in the sense that how companies know about their customer purchasing interests as discussed above and improve profitability and revenue for the company.
Similarly, in the healthcare sector, respective companies could know the maximum number of patients suffering from a particular disease in order to know of the risks inquired by the patients and trying to solve those accordingly then. This makes Data mining such an interesting and useful concept in recent time.

Data mining has its vast applications today due to the wider availability of the data available online and the need for its management. Looking from a technical approach, Data mining is seen as the intersection of Statistics, Machine learning and Database systems (which is an organized collection of Data stored in computers) which make it a complex task to be solved by the intelligent people involved in it, working regularly to know the data.

Source: HOB