Books: Make Your Skills More Dynamic For Big Data

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As you can see these days there are millions of data generated and big data has become the most demanding tech in the world. There are multiple organizations who are looking for specialists or professionals in big data. It is the most leading way for your career, as you have multiple opportunities as a fresher also as well as for professionals also.  

There are a lot of free resources available online for preparing and learning about Big data, but some times old fashioned way proves to be the best way in order to learn in-depth and comprehensive detail of certain topics. Big Data is one of them.

As said above there are a lot of books and resources available, where you can get detailed content about Big Data, therefore every book is beneficial for learning Big Data. Following are some of them that you can refer to:

Big Data: A revolution that will transform How we live, work and think (Author Viktor Mayer-Schonberger and Kenneth Cukier).
It seems like big data is in the news every day, as we read the latest examples of how powerful algorithms are teasing out the hidden connections between seemingly unrelated things. Whether it is used by the NSA to fight terrorism or by online retailers to predict customers buying patterns, big data is a revolution occurring around us, in the process of forever changing economics, science, culture, and the very way we think. But it also poses new threats, from the end of privacy as we know it to the prospect of being penalized for things we haven't even done yet, based on big data's ability to predict our future behavior. What we have already seen is just the tip of the iceberg.

Big Data for Dummies (Author Judith S.Hurwitz, Alan Nugent, Fern Halper, Marcia Kaufman).
Big data management is one of the major challenges facing the business, industry, and not-for-profit organizations. Data sets such as customer transactions for a mega-retailer, weather patterns monitored by meteorologists, or social network activity can quickly outpace the capacity of traditional data management tools. If you need to develop or manage big data solutions, you'll appreciate how these four experts define, explain, and guide you through this new and often confusing concept. You will learn what it is, why it matters, and how to choose and implement solutions that work.

Big Data: Principles and best practices of scalable real-time data systems.(Author Nathan Marz, James Warren)
Webscale applications like social networks, real-time analytics, or e-commerce sites deal with a lot of data, whose volume and velocity exceed the limits of traditional database systems. These applications require architectures built around clusters of machines to store and process data of any size, or speed. Fortunately, scale and simplicity are not mutually exclusive.
Big Data teaches you to build big data systems using an architecture designed specifically to capture and analyze web-scale data. This book presents the Lambda Architecture, a scalable, easy to understand the approach that can be built and run by a small team. You will explore the theory of big data systems and how to implement them in practice. In addition to discovering a general framework for processing big data, you'll learn specific technologies like Hadoop, Storm, and NoSQL databases.
This book requires no previous exposure to largescale data analysis or NoSQL tools. Familiarity with traditional databases is helpful.

Big Data: Using smart Big Data, Analytics and metrics to make better decisions and Improve Performance. (Author Bernard Marr)
There is a need to know what exactly big data is and what do we do with it. But is a basic understanding of the theory enough to hold your own in strategy meetings? Probably. But what will set you apart from the rest is actually knowing how to USE big data to get solid, real-world business results and putting that in place to improve performance. Big Data will give you a clear understanding, blueprint, and step-by-step approach to building your own big data strategy. This is a well-needed practical introduction to actually putting the topic into practice. Illustrated with numerous real-world examples from a cross-section of companies and organizations,  Through big data, you will go through the five basic smart models that are a strategy, measure metrics, and data, apply analytics, report result and transform. 

Big Data for Beginners: Understanding Smart Big Data, Data mining and Data analytics for improved business performance, life decisions and more. (Author Vince Reynolds)
Here is A Preview Of What Big Data For Beginners contains!
  • A Conundrum Called Big Data
  • How To Understand Big Data Better
  • What Can Big Data Do For You?
  • Understanding The Analytics (And The Importance)
  • The Obstacles And Importance Of The Big Data Situation Were In
  • A Closer Look At Key Big Data Challenges
  • Generating Business Value through Data Mining
  • And Much, Much More!

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