Want To Have Fluency In Coding? Here Are Some TIPS!

By ridhigrg |Email | Mar 11, 2019 | 10731 Views

Do you think learning to code is easy? If yes then every third person would be doing it. But learning how to code has much disturbance means ups and downs. Here are a few points through which every beginner should go in order to get to know the learnings. 

How can you easily build your career as a good developer? Here are some true points which help you in beginning your coding career very effectively.

1. Programming is not linear
 The most common misconception of every beginner is that coding is a linear process, but unfortunately learning how to code is very much far from linear. 

It is like? Learning code is not about a straight line but an S-curve. It's more like the lights coming on in a black room but instead of flicking a light switch and illuminating the whole room, the light turns on slowly and in different parts of the room. You gradually get a sense of the room's contours, wherein you stand, and where the obstacles are.
 In fact, when you're learning how to code, you may end up pulling your hair out over a concept for a week or two, feeling completely lost, like you're not learning anything. In truth, you are learning, you just don't have a full fluency to verbalize what you've been studying yet. But it will help you take along jump and competency in your learning. 
Is it a kind of smooth learning. No, because this is the reality of learning how to code.
You can assume it to be the journey of darkness taking you towards the light and make you feel as if you are blind. 

2. You will find everything broken if your program works and you are not programming. 
Programming students are often frustrated that their programs are always breaking. But by definition, if you're a programmer, your programs will be broken. If your program works, you aren't programming, you're ready to go home for the day.
As you build new programs or add new features to existing ones, there will always be a constant movement between getting things to work and breaking them again.
In fact, the only way for everything to work all the time would be to stop innovating. So get comfortable existing in a state of error.

3.  You need to immerse yourself in the culture as a programmer. 
There are vast options for you if you really want to build a career in programming languages, it's not only a mechanical side but also designing websites and many more. 
There are a thriving culture and technology is moving very fast and you have to get engaged with it. That means reading books, following awesome programmers online, exploring blogs. 
But don't just read about that culture be an active participant in it. Start a blog document your coding journey. When you're going through any learning process, you want to give yourself as many opportunities as possible to verbalize what you understand.

4. You have to be focused on the distractions.
While learning to code, there will be several interactions which you will face, especially if you're asking people for advice. People love to play favorites with programming languages. If you explain what you're learning, get ready to hear people explain the virtues of learning React, and so on, instead of what you're learning. You need to be focused on what people say to you. 
They don't know what you are going through and they are giving you advice that they would give themselves right now as opposed to where you are at. Take comfort knowing that the best thing you can do is finish what you started and then pick up something new.

Even if you're learning a language that has become outdated, the act of finishing that learning process gives you something you won't get by jumping from one thing to the next every time someone tells you to.

5. Not even a job, it will give a new way to your life. 
Programming is not a fixed time job, take it as your life. You will see multiple changes in yourself and your thinking perspective would be changed. 
New ways express us and help us in interpreting the whole world around us. Through programming, you will easily be connected to the multiple people and things and you will see various changes in yourself. You might get a new life and there are chances you may become a different person. 

Source: HOB