Don't get loosen up in communicating- Data Scientists!

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Mar 11, 2019 | 12498 Views

Often when we look at Data Science and try to learn and grasp its deeper meaning, we tend to think of Data Scientist as a position involving only the analytical, statistical or the mathematical skills we need to master over and never come across of the fact that the position requires a much of the soft skills as well of which communication skills are a part which plays a vital role in growing the career in the field.

The idea behind this article is to make every Data scientist aspirant familiar with the need and importance of the communication skills one needs to carry with when establishing oneself into the world of Data Science.

Communication is an effective tool like any other which a Data Scientist must have in his pocket. 
Be it communicating with your stakeholders about the product, trying to brief of your services or be it communicating with different teams of your organization for  briefing your insights that you gained from the data, all you need to have are the good communication skills and the flair to let the other person know all of your ideas irrespective of whether he belongs from a technical background or not.

What is the use of those insights, that relevant information that you gathered from the data by working relentlessly through days and night and not able to actually present it?? This would be more disappointing.  

While it's very important to actually work with data & interpret it, it becomes important as well to explain those to the respective people who might not belong to a technical background. 

The work of a Data Scientist involves working with much of the technical things and presenting those works to non-technical people.

The task at hand now, is, if you are really planning to take your career ahead into Data Scientist and already busy learning Python, R programming languages, AI, Machine learning or developing your mathematical, statistical, programmable, analytical or thinking skills, it's a time that you also pay attention to your communication skills and ask yourselves if you really possess the skill to communicate your ideas effectively to the people. Don't mind if all you get is a negative answer. More important is you Work on that. Try to improve that. There are multiple resources available online and offline to help you gain mastery over your communication skills. You could start with any good one and stick on it.

Source: HOB