What does it take to be a Data Scientist?

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Mar 11, 2019 | 13866 Views

In a time when the world has switched itself into a digital era, with data spreading anywhere and everywhere, with every of the tech company using data science, the need for a Data scientist has grown enormously which in turn has resulted in an increasing demand for Data scientists.

Usage of Data science in search engines, Recommender systems (of giving suggestions while purchasing or searching), customer satisfaction and much more areas have made Data science a buzz these days and it's a time when Data Science is in the hit list of pursuing a career in.

While companies are in need of a skilled candidate having good analytical skills and problem-solving skills with the skills for handling and managing their data, Jobseekers should be familiar with these key skills that could actually help them succeed in their career in catering the demand. There are many key skills that are required to become a Data Scientist and information regarding the same are given in various platforms of which I am discussing one important here. 

The very key skill that I found in my research when looking for the key skills of Data Scientist was the extensive demand for Python and R programming languages. There are a good number of companies who are looking for candidates having an excellent command in Python and R. Here, extensive demand doesn't mean that candidates possessing the skills of other programming languages like c++ and Java are not preferred anywhere. That is perfectly not the case and should not be misinterpreted. 

But, yes, Python and R are the most sought for, as per what did I get to know. 

There are many tutorials available online which can actually hone your skills of using and learning these programming languages or you could take classes for the same, as per your availability and comfort. 

There are people who say python is more easily learned when you have a good command over C++. So, if you are excellent using C++ but lacks the knowledge to use Python than python is not difficult to learn if you actually put your efforts into it.

R is a programming language which is basically used for data analysis and should be learned by anyone who wants to develop his/her career into Data science (if you would ask me of my personal opinion). The reason is simple when I am moving my career ahead in Data science that requires a lot of skills for analyzing data, use of statistics and developing insights than I should develop a strong command of the respective programming language.

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