Great Career in Data Science and Data analytics

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Mar 8, 2019 | 10344 Views

Data in the 21st century is a big deal! I mean a big deal! If you will look around and see the technology and innovations, the era we have reached where almost everyone is surfing the internet and online media you could actually understand that its data which is everywhere. Everywhere is some or the other forms of data which is governing this digital world.

Companies are regularly managing and optimizing their data to create their brand, to create customer satisfaction and bring value to the organization. 

This is where data science and data analytics comes into the picture. 

Let us understand in brief what Data science and Data analytics mean.
Data science and Data analytics are used to identify patterns and draw inferences from raw data. It's difficult to identify patterns and draw some useful information from a large amount of data, especially when it is unstructured. This is where data science and data analytics becomes a powerful tool. Data science is able to predict the future pattern from the existing data and this is where it becomes different from data analytics. 

Top companies like Oracle, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Netflix and many more are using Data Science and data analytics to use their big amount of data in a way so to increase profitability and improving customer satisfaction and interaction. While Data science and Data analytics are used for a number of purposes, I have given a short brief here.

You go for online shopping from Amazon, Flipkart or any other online shopping site and find the relevant items popping up in your screen, or getting the results based on past searches when you google up something, all that is involved in data science. You could get the idea of its huge importance by looking at the big amount of data which is available to us today and the technology-driven era in which we are living. There is a great and great demand & need for its management and usage.

According to a recent report published, there are more than 50,000 vacancies left in Data science and Data analytics in India, which is obviously a huge number. This could give you an indication of how companies are in need of a Data scientist or a position in Data analytics. 

Companies are in need of the skilled candidates who could actually help them managing and using their data for some purpose.

If you are in a stage of choosing your career or looking at more options in the career than Data science and Data analytics are worth considering and you should actually try exploring about them because the world is building itself more and more digital with every moment passing by.

Source: HOB