What Sort Of Companies Hire Data Scientists?

By ridhigrg |Email | Mar 6, 2019 | 8352 Views

There are several companies that are hiring a data scientist. Here is a list of companies hiring Data Scientist in India.

Couture It is a customized AI platform that helps largest global enterprises implement specific vertical targets products build on top of their patent-pending Machine Learning and Deep Learning Innovations.

Crediwatch Data bank which is online and it uses computational techniques which are advanced and gives you real-time insights on a customer, competitor or a vendor.

Busigence Technologies Leading data products are made by this data intelligence company that helps in augmenting people decision abilities.

Happay In India this is the top companies for spend management. Automated solutions are provided for pretty cash management, travel & expense management, international expense card etc.

Walmart Labs  We are provided with the infrastructures of the data foundation, ML Platform, Visualization Portal, Customer platform & Data Science products that form part of core platforms & services that drive Walmart business.

Mate Labs There is a product named Mateverse through which data science rookies are benefited from using machine learning in their applications and projects. But Mate Labs only seek those people who are experts and have professional knowledge in ML, sci-kit learn, Kears, Tensorflow, pandas, etc. 

Fractal Analytics The most leading companies of Data Sceince in India which was founded in 2000. All the human decisions  in the enterprise are powered by the global brands through fractal analytics by bringing analytics & AI to the decisionmaking process.

Source: HOB