Understanding the concept of Machine learning

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Mar 5, 2019 | 7095 Views

Machine learning most of the people seems a word particularly meant for the understanding of the people involved in technology or are from a computer science background. What would now I suggest to all of those people who still have this perception in mind is to really go through the article below and see if this perception of yours could be changed and you could understand some basic knowledge of what a  Machine learning is and the paradigm could be changed.

If I would say to you to define learning how would you explain? 
What does learning mean to you? How do you take the concept of learning?

Well, I am sure you must have some idea and some of your deep insight to elaborate learning and maybe it could be the same with what I define learning to be.

If I have to define learning I would simply say learning is a process to improvise oneself, not to do the same mistake over and over and getting the desired things done. This is all about what human learning is. Through learning, we grow into a better version of ourselves.

The basic idea of Machine learning is the same as well. Machine learning is the process by which machines learn to achieve the desired output. Every machine when made was designed to produce some output so that it could be used for a purpose and this is all where machine Learning revolves around.
Learnings in machines could be achieved in various ways and are divided into different types. 
Learnings could be supervised, semi-supervised and unsupervised. There is also a different type of learning which is called Reinforcement learning. 

In supervised learning, both input and output are fed into the machine and the machine achieves the desired output when the input matches with the input feed.
Semi-Supervised learning makes use of both labeled data and unlabeled data. Here, unlabeled data simply means the data whose output is not fed into the machine when designed and labeled data can be understood in the same way. 

After making you understand the two types of learning I hope you must have got the idea of Unsupervised learning where the output is not fed into the system.

To make you understand about the Reinforcement learning you need to think of an incident where you did a particular work or achieved something and got the reward. It could be your achievement on work, home or school after which you were rewarded and appreciated. What did you felt after getting that reward? Did that motivate you to do another of the same type? It is the same that innovators are looking into the machines to make them smarter day by day so that they could be more result driven.  Reinforcement learning is a type of learning in which the machine learns to get some desired output for which it was rewarded.

The algorithms, programming methods involved in any type of learning explained above are complex and for their detailed understanding, you will have to go into the depth to master those complexities which is what our innovators are doing day in and day out to make the world easier to live. 

The reason why machine learning is in demand in the contemporary time is because of its wide applications and its usage in most of the sectors today. Whether you are purchasing on Amazon or coming across any machine which is able to convert your speech into text or are in a business which demands improved customer services all you are coming across is Machine learning and its wide uses. 

It could also be said that with machine learning every impossibility of yesterday seems to be a possibility today.

Source: HOB