Few Recommended Videos: Learning of Data Science

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Enhance your career with these tutorials in data science, they will give you the whole concepts and the courses for beginners as well as data scientists.  
Statistics For Data Science | Statistics Using R Programming Language | Hypothesis Testing | Edureka
This Edureka tutorial on "Statistics for Data Science"  talks about the basic concepts of Statistics, which is primarily an applied branch of mathematics, that attempts to make sense of observations in the real world. Statistics is generally regarded as one of the most crucial aspects of data science. 

Learn Data Science Today - Data Science Course/Tutorial Beginners 2019!
Watch this Data Science tutorial today to see how and why to start Learning to be a data scientist today!

Data Science With Python | Python for Data Science | Python Data Science Tutorial | Simplilearn
This Data Science with Python Tutorial will help you understand what is Data Science, basics of Python for data analysis, why learn Python, how to install Python, Python libraries for data analysis, exploratory analysis using Pandas, introduction to series and data frame, loan prediction problem, data wrangling using Pandas, building a predictive model using Scikit-Learn and implementing logistic regression model using Python.

Data Science Tutorial for Beginners - 1 | What is Data Science? | Data Analytics Tools | Edureka
This Data Science course is designed to provide knowledge and skills to become a successful Data Scientist. The course covers a range of Hadoop, R and Machine Learning Techniques encompassing the complete Data Science study.

Learn Data Science in 3 Months
You will be learning a host of tools like SQL, Python, Hadoop, and even data storytelling, all of which make up the complete data science pipeline.

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