Easing Into Your Data Science Career Path - 10 Minute Video Can Change Your Data Science Life

By Kimberly Cook |Email | Feb 18, 2019 | 87549 Views

From entering an analytics career to becoming a trainer and mentor in analytics where I am able to inspire people to achieve their dream analytics job and inspire companies to capitalize on their data and insights -- my professional journey is of interest to many of my clients. They wonder how it all happened; what steps and obstacles I met along the way.

The truth is, I didn't wrestle with finding analytics, I eased into an analytics career. I didn't struggle to start an analytics training and consulting company, that is what came easily to me. I didn't work hard to publish on Forbes or Harvard Business Review or even get a publisher for my book. The right people reached out when I was ready and I said "yes."
I can't claim foresight. I can't claim wise moves. I can accept grace and flow.

And I can tell you that will be the ease you will feel as you move towards your own dream job. If analytics is your path, it will find you. It will show up in every magazine you pick up, every blog you read--and you will be inspired into action.

If you have been looking at analytics as a field and aren't inspired yet, it's not your field or your time. This test will help you assess your analytics aptitude and your own emotional navigation system will tell you if you are ready to move. Fear is a good indicator to look elsewhere and a feeling of 'can't wait to get started' tells you this is it and you are ready.
And don't believe all these blogs which tell you analytics is the only hot thing around. Don't look at analytics as a career for the wrong reason. Yes, it's a growing field and yes, there is a decent demand, but you are going to shine in any career where you find ease. Analytics or not, it doesn't matter.

Once you know analytics is your field, here is a short video about how to get started and narrow down your specific target job profile.

Source: HOB