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For coding, there have always been books which are available around. Books are given less importance if we see in terms of online coding training, but it has a more positive impact on learning and is more effective. In books, we even have a variety of choices. 
Below are reviews of some popular coding book series. Hopefully, you should be able to decide which book is the right one for you.
OReilly Coding Books
 For the books of coding,  O'Reilly is known to be the topmost publisher. It's also a fact that multiple coding language creators have written an OReilly book on their language.
 You will get several technologies combined in Other O'Reilly books with the multiple technologies into the one package, such as Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CSS.  You will be able to grab many languages together through his books in the real, social networking site which is functioning. 
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Dummies Coding Books
 Coding learning will be good for you if you go through Dummies books.  Beginning Programming AllInOne Desk Reference For Dummies, by Wallace Wang, is one of the many books in the Dummies series.
In fact, the 720-page book is actually 7 mini-books in one. If you really want to go in depth of coding languages go through the multiple ranges of coding languages, you will be introduced in his books. You do not need any advanced knowledge as Dummies books are already recommending. When you come to the end the books become more appealing as you will find a review of some applications of coding which includes database management, bioinformatics, computer security, and artificial intelligence.
Beginning Programming AllInOne Desk Reference For Dummies is available in paperback and Kindle editions.
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More Coding Books
You can find out about more books relevant to a certain coding language over at Code Conquests training recommendations section. Go through the videos given below:
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