Use Machine Learning Applications of Google

By Kimberly Cook |Email | Feb 12, 2019 | 33285 Views

The idea behind Machines to learn and perform the task at their own is remarkable. It is productive though to have those machines at the workplace which perform the tasks given to them without requiring human intervention. Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence which is helping in creating those intelligent machines and software which are intelligent enough to work at their own. Due to this exceptional feature of Machine Learning, it has found its applications in almost every sector which I have also discussed in my previous articles on the same platform. In this article, we will try to explore more of its usage in the applications of Google.

Google finds Machine Learning as an innovative tool shaping future and is using it in its various products and services, some of which I have discussed here. Let us have a closer look at these applications which most of us might be using. 

  • Smart Reply of Gmail
The Smart reply of Gmail allows suggested response feature and is already making the tedious task of giving replies to emails which are flooding into our inbox daily quite easy. The Suggested response given by the app with the help of Machine Learning saves the time of typing our same responses to some situations again and again. It also finds its usage in business emails where time and fastness matters in replying to client emails. 

  • Google Photos
Almost every one of us must have used Google Photos which is personally my favorite too. The app has got the excellent features of organizing some of your specific photos like on a trip or with some of your friends to a separate album showcasing as your favorite photos or with some other caption to make it a more personalized experience. It automatically recognizes some specific photos which may have taken by you at some point of your specific day or with a specific person. It uses Machine Learning in that to recognize those photos.

  • Google Voice Search
Google Voice search has its popularity among the users of its quality to conduct searches over the internet through speech and actually typing. It is easier and faster to just speak what you are trying to search and get the desired results than to type it all over. It serves best for old aged people where eyesight becomes weak and typing seems a serious unwanted task. Google voice search is preferred by many of the users today due to this excellent feature. 

  • Rank Brain
Rank Brain provides relevant searches to the users searching on Google. You must have also experienced while searching across Google you are automatically provided with the most relevant searches based on your search. This actually provides the customer with a good experience while searching over google by getting their desired search among the relevant searches shown by Google. Even if your search does not match with any past searches than also Rank Brain displays the most matching and relevant search according to your search while searching over google. It definitely improves customer satisfaction.

Source: HOB