Want to become a Front End Developer? Go through these Courses

By ridhigrg |Email | Feb 11, 2019 | 7884 Views

It is an overwhelming task for learning front end development. We have an option of certain leading resources but we are always in doubt which one would be better? Or what should we focus on? 
Some courses will help you dive into learning:
YouTube first
 The ultimate web development tutorial was Jake Wrights Learn HTML in 12 Minutes, followed by Learn CSS in 12 Minutes.  This was the web page which was leading at first as it was too much motivating. It gives you the basic knowledge but through this beginners are more benefited as they have zero knowledge. 
The Web Developer Bootcamp Colt Steele
 This course is popular on Udemys, web development courses.  From the beginning, you grab things and then you move forward. It is good for beginners but your problem will not be solved on your own, which is what you need to learn.
JavaScript 30 Wes Bos
He is the instructor who is very good, his courses give you deep knowledge. You are recommended to go through his courses without any hesitation.
Some of these awesome projects include a clock, a drum machine, and a search tool.
 You get a free trial here, use as much as you can. And  Christina Truong is an excellent instructor. Her courses give you a brief introduction about advanced CSS, workflow tools, and getting a website online. Your Git skills also get improvised with Ray Villalobos.
The courses on Lynda.com were very good. But their catalog is not specialized enough towards web development. It lacks the coherence of other more focused platforms.

 If we talk about the specialized course, the treehouse is the one. You get the free trial and the tracks are well defined and material provided is in depth. 
FrontEnd Web Developer Nanodegree (FEND) Udacity
 This course is really fortunate for you as this is the leading front end course on Udacity. Through this course you will; get a positive experience and this can make your career stable as well. 
 The course has good quality and you will instructors who are from top industries having real knowledge and high skill experience in this field.
Other Sources
The ones who are beginning with the web development I would definitely recommend this course to them. You signup and instantly start writing code. There is zero preparation and setup time.  modern development is covered in the curriculum. It is free. And on top of that, the organization itself and its mission are great.
 Leading part is you have many projects here. You get the knowledge from the beginning, you need your skills to be developed more nicely. And despite not having a direct guide to follow, the active community means you always can find an answer.

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