Looking for Job, Growth, and Hike! Opt Data Science As Your Career

By ridhigrg |Email | Feb 8, 2019 | 10095 Views

This video will tell you about data scientists and jobs that fall in that category and how much money they make with the barrier of entry is. How many jobs there are? What the growth is for that category of a job?
We are going to be talking about a couple blogs from Forbes and IBM as well as the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and goal for that.
if you're interested you and don't know where to get started there are some great OReilly books here that go over our Python graphs, data science to the command line and the eight dollars you get.
This video will give you the personal experience of a person with data scientists who have worked with a few at previous software developer jobs.  So what can you expect this is pretty accurate, the Bureau of Labor Statistics in my opinion which is very respectable. I had to guess you're probably going to start somewhere around 70 entry-level there and jump every couple of years as you become a better and better individual now. I have met obviously math degrees, CS degrees, software degrees, accounting degrees, the stats degrees, business degrees those are the types of degrees, that I've met. People have been working in data science and doing very well as well. I know when I talked to an individual Hughes telling me, he's got three-four calls a day, which is even more than I get on average when he's not even looking for jobs.

 So from 2014 to 2024, you can expect that there's going to be 11% growth which I think is probably pretty reasonable. Its faster than the average, I think this is probably on the low end, to be honest. I think data scientists are falling into a larger category so perhaps computer information of research scientists is a little bit misleading but I think data scientists is exactly what was its same category. 

let's talk a little bit about what type of languages you would work in as the data scientist before we go over what IBM, which I think is probably one of the more respectable sources that you can get into. Because these are the people who really track this stuff and work with data scientists they think that it's going to grow by 28 percent by 2020. So they think it's going the number of jobs that were the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, they're estimating based off their stats. 

Now I wanted to kind of talk about more so and I encourage you guys all Ill check it out but there's a whole article here by the same individual talking about: Why it's a great job to pursue? The reason they get paid so well is that its very math oriented, being a software developer there is some math but not like the math, that there is a data scientist. I've talked about it once before I went to a data science hackathon, thinking I could hang up hang out. I've always said that make the money and the amount of the difficulty to get the harder and more technical a job is higher the salary is so as long as it's in demand right and as we've talked your labor bliss the Bureau of Labor Statistics 11% IBM says twenty-eight percent by 2020.

I know some of the data scientists at my old work saved the companies hundreds of thousands of dollars by doing some very good analysis of the financial aspect of the company. I'm not going to a go into detail about but literally know joke upwards of a million dollars specifically due to statistical analysis and this is the reason you can make a hundred and twenty thousand dollars. If you're just the average right, if you're doing better than the average you're gonna you can do well and you can make a lot of money as well.  Now if you like math and you like sort of stats and I tend to like that I kind of drop off once we get to advanced calculus. But in terms of data scientist, data engineers, data developers, there's a lot of growth really there are three things you should be looking for.
 For a role when you're trying to break into an industry you're deciding what you want to go to college for you're assigning? What you want to become?
I think you're going to be very happy if you go in the data science realm especially because of that barrier of entry. Because of the fact that it is hard to hire competent people, a lot of people think well there's tons of people who you could tell I am a very technical individual, I'm so unqualified to be a data scientist. So there is a large barrier of entry to jump into this but if you are an intelligent person, you can build a portfolio in this. Just as much you can go and get your degree you can pursue an internship and entry level. This is a great field to go to, I highly encourage you guys to check that out and again think to pursue a career. 

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