For Getting a Job in Top Companies like Google, Microsoft, etc which Programming Language should you learn

By ridhigrg |Email | Feb 7, 2019 | 39723 Views

We are going to talk about the top five programming languages to learn about getting a job at companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.
So the obvious question here might be doesn't really matter which languages you learn, if you're trying to get a job at one of these companies, my answer would be yes! It does but not directly. What I mean by that is when you have a job interview with one of these companies as a software engineer candidate, the most important thing they usually look for is not what specific language or technology you've been using. Instead, they tend to look for mostly your coding skills, your problem-solving ability, and your data structures and algorithms knowledge.

So you might say wait why? So it doesn't really matter which languages one has learned. So if these large companies don't care that much about which languages you know, then why does it matter at all which languages you learn if you want to get a job at one of these companies.

There are three reasons for this. 
Firstly, when you apply for a job at one of these big companies how do you think they will decide, if they should invite you for a job interview, of course, there are a few different aspects to this. For example, your education, your personal projects and so on but the biggest factor is usually your work experience and how do you get the experience in the first place. Probably at smaller less known companies first and actually smaller companies and startups tend to care more about which specific language or technology you know. So, for example, a small startup might say we need someone who can help us create an iOS app tomorrow or we need someone who knows JavaScript really well by next month. So depending on which languages you know it'll actually be easier or harder for you to get a job at one of these smaller companies. 

Secondly, you should learn a programming language that aligns with your interests so you have more duration and reason for learning. So for example, if you're interested in learning to make an iPhone app, you should probably learn Swift and if you're interested in data science machine learning or science in general, Python might be a good choice for you.

Thirdly, some programming languages or simply easier to learn than some other ones. For example, I would say JavaScript is easier to learn than Java and Python is easier to learn than C++, so based on that I decided to use the job market and ease of learning. 

As these are the two main criteria for making my list of top 5 programming languages to learn.

The list is here:
 Number 5: Ruby 
Ruby is a programming language from Japan it became popular due to the popularity of something called Ruby on Rails and Ruby on Rails was at some point I would say the hardest framework for building websites. Although it's not as popular as it used to be anymore. Still, a lot of companies use Ruby on Rails today and Ruby is a really simple and easy language to learn.
 Number Four: Swift
 Swift is now the primary language for building an iOS app whether it's for iPhone or iPad. If you have the skill it should be fairly easy for you to get a job since many companies want to build iOS apps. The only downside of Swift is that it's not really cross-platform, meaning it's not easy to create an iOS app with Swift if you don't have a Mac.

Number three: Java
Java is probably one of the most widely used programming languages today you can use Java to build many things including Android apps .many companies use Java frameworks to create websites as well. Unfortunately, it's not the easiest language to learn since its a bit more complex than the other languages in this list.

Number two: Python
 Python is also a very popular programming language at least in North America and many companies use it to create websites with frameworks like Django and flask. This is probably the language of your choice if you're interested in things like data science machine learning or science in general. It is also one of the main languages used at Google, so its popular at both large companies and smaller companies. 

Number one: Javascript 
Javascript used to be a language that only ran on your browser whether its Chrome, Firefox or Safari but recently people started using it to create backend code, meaning the code that runs on your servers, not just frontend code, meaning the code that runs on your device. Whether its a phone or a laptop, javascript is a great language to learn about getting a job. It's also fairly simple and easy to learn. If you're just getting started with programming Id recommend that you start with either Python or JavaScript.

I think your optimal choice here mostly depends on your interests for example if you're interested in UI or user experience design then JavaScript is probably the way to go. If you're more into logic machine learning or science in general python might be the right choice for you.

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