Machine Learning

Short Description

Uber is hiring for Machine Learning who has expertise in one or more object-oriented languages, including Python, Go, Java, or C++, and an eagerness to learn more.

Job Description

  • You have expertise in one or more object-oriented languages, including Python, Go, Java, or C++, and an eagerness to learn more.
  • You have experience with both machine learning and building scalable production services.
  • You have experience with distributed storage and database systems, including SQL or NoSQL, MySQL, or Cassandra.
  • You have experience using machine learning libraries or platforms, including Tensorflow, Caffe, Theano, Scikit-Learn, or Spark ML for production or commercial products.
  • Machine learning domain knowledge bias-variance tradeoff, exploration/exploitation, and understanding of various model families such as decision trees, Bayesian models, and deep learning.
  • You have a rock-star-like ability to communicate insights from complex black-box models to C-level and working level peers, and the ability to defend algorithm choices to industry experts.
  • You have the ability to solve complex business problems and apply machine learning to optimize critical business metrics.
  • You follow a strong adherence to metrics-driven development, with a disciplined and analytical approach to product development.

Additional Skills :
  • You have experience in statistics.
  • You enjoy reading academic papers and implementing experimental systems.
  • Experience developing complex software systems scaling to millions of users with production quality deployment, monitoring, and reliability.
  • You have experience presenting at industry recognized ML conferences as well as being published in the field.
  • You have experience in stream processing Storm, Spark, Flink etc. and graph processing technologies.

Machine Learning
Mid-Senior-level Information Technology | Information | Technology Full-time Other | Engineering | Information Technology Machine Learning Engineer
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