Database Developer

Short Description

Policy Bazaar is seeking a Database Developer who can Analyse And Tune Database Queries And Design To Improve Performance.

Job Description

  • Analyse And Tune Database Queries And Design To Improve Performance
  • Identify, Analyse, And Solve Problems Related To Database, Application, Or Reporting In Thorough, Timely Manner
  • Anticipate And Devise Possible Solutions To Application And database-related Problems
  • Anticipate And Determine Security Concerns And Address Appropriately
  • Ensure Applications, Databases, And Reports Meet Stakeholder Needs
  • Document Design Features According To Departmental Standards
  • Use Appropriate Tools And Methodology For Development
  • Incorporate Best Agile Practices Into Development
  • Assist DBA With Database Administration Tasks

Technical Skills:
  • Microsoft T-SQL, MS SQL, SSRS, SSIS
  • Relational Database Concepts
  • Database Architecture
  • Database Administration
  • Extraordinary Problem Solving Skills

Desired Profile:
  • Minimum Of Five Years Of Microsoft T-SQL Development Preferred
  • Minimum Of Three Years Of Reporting Development Preferred
  • Possesses Strong Analytical/ Logical Thinking Skills
  • B.Tech/ M.Tech In IT/ Computer Science Or Any Related Discipline

Database Developer
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