Senior Software Engineer

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Oracle is seeking a Senior Software Engineer who has the ability to define, build, and ship products in a timely manner.

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One of the most challenging aspects of any software solution is to manage storage effectively.

Our group, Automatic Storage Management (aka ASM), is responsible for building highly available, scalable, and efficient tools to solve customers' storage problems. ASM is the central part of the Oracle Database's storage strategy. While it is versatile enough to run with any physical storage backend, ASM is also the key storage solution that enables the database to run in engineered systems such as the Exadata Database Machine and the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA).

Some of the salient features of the ASM that makes it a groundbreaking product are:
  • File-based mirroring capabilities   This allows the user to use the same storage pool and have different mirroring on a file by file basis. This maximizes storage utilization while providing high availability for data that require extra protection.
  • Dynamic online load re-distribution when storage pool changes.   ASM allocates files in a balanced fashion.  Thus, no data movement is required to maintain a balanced I/O load in a static storage configuration.   If the storage configuration changes, data re-distribution involves minimal data movement, unlike other prevailing solutions.  ASM rebalance occurs in the background while databases and dependent applications remain online.
  • Consolidated storage pools Allow users to consolidate their storage into a single clustered pool of up to 10,000 disks and consisting of up to 1 million files.
  • Improved data availability ASM takes proactive actions where applicable.

The primary focus of the ASM group is to solve storage management problems and improve data availability.  As a member of this team, you will participate in the research, design, and implementation of the core components of the ASM infrastructure.  

  • BS/MS CS
  • Excellent C programming skills
  • Good debugging and troubleshooting skills
  • We should be familiar and conversant with the classes of storage architectures that are currently available.
  • Should have demonstrated experience in the area of storage systems programming for example file systems or volume managers.
  • Oracle Database experience preferred
  • Understanding of UNIX and/or Windows system programming
  • Ability to define, build, and ship products in a timely manner
  • Good communication and teamwork skills

Senior Software Engineer
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