Javascript Engineer

Short Description

Wingify is seeking a Javascript Engineer who has Deep understanding of how the browsers work (HTTP, Cookies, Prefetching, Preloading, Caching, Synchronous / Asynchronous Requests).

Job Description

As a Javascript Engineer, you will be required to work on various Javascript libraries that are served on our customersā?? websites thereby impacting millions of users. These libraries are the core of all the features of VWO (Web Testing, CRO, On-Page Surveys). These do all sorts of tracking on customersā?? websites across all the browsers (Yeah IE7 and IE8 too). You will have to stay updated to the latest technologies but still write code that works on old browsers too.

We love vanilla Javascript and use many libraries and tools like jQuery, RequireJS, Yarn, npm, Grunt, Git, Jenkins, Jasmine, Testswarm, Karma, BrowserStack, Selenium to name a few.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Development of core Javascript libraries.
  • Writing reusable code or modules that can be used across all the Javascript libraries.
  • Talking about your work - we love open source software, we heavily use them and by talking about how we use them is the least we can do to help the community. See our engineering blog and our GitHub page
Skills & Experience:
  • 2 to 4 years of Experience
  • Passion for writing Vanilla Javascript
  • Strong knowledge and experience in JavaScript, HTML, CSS.
  • Deep understanding of the DOM, Browser Events, Javascript APIs, Canvas rendering
  • Deep understanding of how the browsers work (HTTP, Cookies, Prefetching, Preloading, Caching, Synchronous / Asynchronous Requests).
  • Regard for optimizations that focus to deliver content to the user as quickly as possible.
  • Good Javascript Debugging Skills. You will have to debug almost all the websites out there day in day out.
  • Passion to write automated tests to verify the working of libraries (You canā??t possibly verify things on all devices and on all browsers manually).
  • Understanding the similarities and differences across browsers (young and old). Yes, we support IE7 too.
  • Experience of writing modular Javascript code
  • Knowledge of high-level programming concepts like promises, data-binding.
  • Passion to stay up to date with constantly evolving world of front-end development.
  • Good experience with various build tools like yarn, npm, grunt.
Working at Wingify isnā??t for everyone. We demand exceptional excellence both in the products we build and in the team members we hire. We offer competitive compensation and some awesome perks. But more importantly, we offer individuals autonomy in defining new products and shaping our young company.

Javascript Engineer
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