Data Science and Data Engineering

Short Description

Wingify is looking for a Data Science and Data Engineering person who has worked on real-world data sets that range into millions of data points that contain missing values, and unclean data.

Job Description

Do you consider yourself to be among top data science leaders in India? If so, come join Wingify in its mission to build and sell the worldâ??s biggest ecosystem of marketing technology products.

Wingify is looking for a world-class data science and engineering leader to take it from current $20Mn revenue to $100Mn revenue by doubling down on its seven years of SaaS experience and its marketing-tech domain knowledge. The company is seeking a data science leader who can take ownership of its data science initiatives for all its products and services. The company is based out of Delhi and Pune and is 200 people strong. As a data science and engineering leader, you will be responsible for collaborating with engineering and product teams to deliver high-impact data science projects that become a core part of value that customers derive from Wingify products.

Apply if you meet the following criteria:
  • You have led a team of data scientists and data engineers in your career
  • You have set up end to end data pipeline
  • You have worked on real world data sets that range into millions of data points that contain missing values, and unclean data
  • You have owned and delivered data science projects that are live on production
  • You have practical knowledge of a wide variety of data science methodologies and an intuitive understanding of which methodology is applicable to which problem
  • You are paranoid about data security and user privacy
  • You have worked with the product team/product manager as a peer or a collaborator
  • You have gone on customer calls to validate results from your data science projects
  • The ideal candidate will have a good understanding of advanced statistics or Machine Learning ideas and at least a Master's or a Ph.D. in a field that involves mathematical or statistical thinking.

Data Science and Data Engineering
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Wingify is an India based fast-growing software company that makes technology products that are globally admired such as Visual Website Optimizer and PushCrew. Our products are loved by thousands of businesses and users across 90+ countries, and the customer list includes brands like Microsoft, Lenovo, Walt Disney, Target, Ebay and