Business Analyst

Short Description

American Express is looking for a Business Analyst Prior experience in online commerce analytics/marketing.

Job Description

In particular, the team will lead and provide support for the development of world-class personalization capabilities catering to all global markets. This would involve development & deployment of cutting edge Machine Learning/Data Science solutions which will be able to drive industry leading performance lifts. This will, in turn, require the candidate to exhibit a high level of expertise in data understanding through statistical analysis, decision support logic and data techniques. Colleague will drive improvements in generating data-driven actionable strategies to enable business growth initiatives

Purpose of the Role:
Lead and provide the support for the development of world-class personalization capabilities catering to all global markets through development & deployment of cutting edge Machine Learning/Data Science solutions which will be able to drive industry-leading performance lifts. 

  • Devise, design & develop cutting edge, customized machine learning algorithms
  • Leverage the power of closed loop through the Amex network to make offer targeting more intelligent and relevant
  • Innovate with a focus on developing newer and better approaches using big data & machine learning solution
  • Stay current in their field and up to date with the latest data science, machine learning, business statistics, algorithms and data mining practices
  • Understand and have a passion for trends in digital marketing, social, location and mobile-based marketing efforts

Critical Factors to Success:
  • Build cutting edge and customized Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence algorithms to enhance modeling accuracy and efficiency 
  • Innovate modeling techniques and variable creation to solve business problems 
  • Support analytics across the lifecycle from pre-sales to attrition 

Past Experience: 
  • Knowledge and experience of statistical and analytical techniques is preferred. Competency in standard data mining and advanced deep learning techniques is also desirable e.g. Decision trees and Neural Networks 
  • Exposure to analysis/modeling of digital data is a plus. 
  • Practical coding experience with statistical analysis programming languages such as SQL, HIVE , Python and Pysprak. Knowledge/Exposure to Big data is again a plus. 
  • Prior experience in online commerce analytics/marketing is preferred. 

Academic Background: 
  • Bachelor's in Statistics/Mathematics/Economics/ Engineering with relevant experience of 0-3 years 
  • Post Graduate in Statistics/Mathematics/Economics/ Engineering/Management 

Functional Skills/Capabilities: 
  • Data Science/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence 
  • Expertise in Coding, Algorithm 
  • Unsupervised and supervised techniques: Active learning, transfer learning, neural models, Decision trees, reinforcement learning, graphical models, Gaussian processes, Bayesian models, map Reduce techniques 

Technical Skills/Capabilities: 
  • Analytics & Insights & Targeting 
  • R, Python, C, C++, Java, SAS, SQL 
  • Hive , Pyspark 
  • Advanced Statistical Techniques: Gini, Concordance, F-Score

Behavioral Skills/Capabilities: 
  • Enterprise Leadership Behaviors 
  • Set The Agenda: Define What Winning Looks Like, Put Enterprise Thinking First, Lead with an External Perspective 
  • Bring Others With You: Build the Best Team, Seek & Provide Coaching Feedback, Make Collaboration Essential 
  • Do It The Right Way: Communicate Frequently, Candidly & Clearly, Make Decisions Quickly & Effectively, Live the Blue Box Values, Great Leadership Demands Courage 

Business Analyst
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