These Are The Top Cloud Computing Skills Which Will Get You Hire

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Feb 4, 2019 | 15543 Views

Job postings for cloud computing and cloud engineers have risen 27% in the past two years, according to Indeed. AWS, Python, and Java are the most in-demand skills for cloud computing roles according to Indeed, 2018

More than half of tech pros say that the cloud and hybrid IT is their organization's no. 1 most important IT strategy today, as nearly all organizations move some workloads to the cloud, a recent report found. This has led to a surge in cloud hiring over the past two years, according to research released Thursday from job search site Indeed: Job postings that include the terms cloud computing or cloud engineer have gone up 27% since 2015.

Further, searches for the terms cloud computing and cloud engineer have risen 141% in the past two years, the research found. For those with the proper skillset, working in the cloud is lucrative: The average salary of cloud engineers in the US is $114,796, according to Indeed.
Skills required for cloud computing:
1. Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services (AWS) was the first large vendor of affordable cloud services and remains the largest player in the cloud computing market. Knowing your way around AWS is also one of the top skills that employers are seeking across all tech positions.

2. Python
Python is the fastest-growing programming language and is used by many cloud platforms.

3. Java
Java remains one of the most in-demand coding languages nationally, and a recent move may make it even more cloud-friendly.

4. Azure
Microsoft Azure adoption is catching up to AWS: 45% of companies were using the platform in 2018, up from 34% the year before, according to a recent report.

5. Agile
Agile project management has exploded across the enterprise in recent years and offers continuous improvement for cloud development cycles.

6. Puppet
Used in DevOps environments, Puppet offers automation for AWS, which can save enterprises valuable time.

7. Chef
The chef is also used in DevOps and can provide enterprise-wide analytics with its Automate tool.

8. Ansible
Open source Ansible is a cost-effective centralized server management system that helps with cloud deployments.

9. Docker
Docker is one of the leading containerization technologiesâ??is an open source utility that automates the deployment and management of programs in software containers.

10. VMware
VMware offers cloud computing and platform virtualization software and services used by many enterprises. The company also has a partnership with AWS.

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