Online courses on multiple sites for big data analysis

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Skills of data analytics have become the leading factor in terms of the advanced development and for the career perspective, the demand of the data analyst is increasing day by day. There are several online courses which you would prefer if you want to build your career as a data analyst as it will help you to learn the fundamentals of data science, the key tools of data science and the study of programming languages in the analysis of big data. 

There are multiple sites serving you with the best online courses that are Coursera, EDX, Cognitive Class, MIT Open Courseware, etc. 

1.Course: Data analysis and presentation skills: The PwC Approach Specialization
Creator: Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP
Commitment: 21 weeks 
You have five courses in this specialization, which involves, the data-driven decision making, with the functions of Excel it is problem-solving, data visualization with the advanced excel the business presentation and the last project. This specialization of data analysis is designed by PWC for the employees, and it has the average rating which is 4.6. The ones who do have the programming background, it is suitable for them as well. 

2.Course: Data Science Specialization
Creator: John Hopkins University
Commitment: 43 Weeks
It has ten courses, the concept which you will be needing for the entire journey of data science is discussed here. It has a good rating which is 4.6 and this course is termed to be the specializations which are longest in Coursera. It mainly focuses on the theories of statistic, algorithm and data analysis. It also makes you aware of the R programming, so all the concepts of this programming are also recommended to you before you take this specialization.

3.Course: Big data Specialization 
Creator: University of California, San Diego
Commitment: 30 weeks
The total number of courses in this is 6, the main concepts of big data are covered beginning from the introduction to the graph analytics. This course serves you with the great introduction of big data for the ones who want to start their career in this field. They do not teach you much about the programming as the open source software tools are involved.

3.Course: Microsoft Professional Program in Data Science
Creator: Microsoft
Commitment: 56-58 weeks
Three units are there which consists of 9 courses and also includes the final project. All the basic introduction is covered related to data science, and the advanced programming languages which are applied in data science. This course has a high connection with the software of Microsoft, which includes Excel, Power BI, and R server. R and Python programming language is involved in this course. 

4.Course: Marketing Analysis
Creator: University of California, Berkeley
Commitment: 16 weeks
This program is designed by the expert of the company Stephan Sorger, who was the leader in the roles of marketing and development of the product. This program consists of 4 courses which include the strategy of marketing management, price and the promotion of analytics and the segmentation of the market, and products, sales and distribution. 

5.Course: Big Data Fundamentals
Creator: IBM 
Commitment: 13 hours
There are only 3 courses under it which have a complete introduction to the big data. The cognitive class is a massive open online course which is provided by IBM. 

MIT Open Courseware
6.Course: Advanced data structures
Instructor: Prof. Erik Demaine
Commitment: 22 sessions
This course gives you an overview of the multiple types of data structures which are a map and temporal data structures. For a wide variety of data structures, it mainly covers the huge directions of research.

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