Most Demanded IT jobs in 2019

By ridhigrg |Email | Jan 7, 2019 | 11229 Views

Due to the digital transformation, there are many IT jobs what will be more in demand and will be oriented towards high technology like AR, IoT, and artificial intelligence. For all these positions the demand for the workers who are qualified has increased which also includes the front-end developer and back-end developer, and many more positions which are not known. Here are some of the jobs which will be more in demand in the year 2109-2020.

Engineer for computer vision
This is the leading technology job in 2109, as over the past years the demand for the engineers having the skills for computer vision has grown. Their main responsibility is creating the vision of the computer and machine learning algorithm so that the objects can be classified, located and identified. Since AR/VR is popular and it is expected to be increased by 2021, perhaps the demand for computer vision will also be increased as it is directly related to AR and VR.

Machine Learning Engineer
The artificial intelligence systems and machines which are created by the machine learning engineers are capable of learning and applying what they learned. For training the creations of artificial intelligence, advanced programming is conducted for working with the datasets and algorithms. Therefore, it is known to be the best technology job as these days every IT company is changing into artificial intelligence company, which require a large investment and machine learning engineer who will be in demand for them and it will be the popular profession in 2020.

Applications developer
App developers help the technical capacity to meet the business needs. This role not only has the work of coding but AR/VR software will also be in demand. In 2018 there are many AR games which are released and there are many other uses for AR and VR which will be more in demand in 2109.

Network analyst
 As IoT is becoming the mainstream, there are many things which require connectivity as it efficient and easy and it serves the tech profession with network analyst. For produce the information which is trending in the real-time that is the traffic of the network, it will need a way for combining the sets of technical skills. Operation and the sound knowledge in artificial intelligence, a future analyst should have the hold on these things. 

Business intelligence analyst
Business analyst mainly tackles all the problems of the business which concerns the business side of products, taking in the need of the company for the apps to make a process work. Collecting the data which is needed from the multiple sources for drawing the appropriate picture of the position of the company in an industry and how cost can be erased and growth can be achieved is the ultimate job of the business intelligence analyst.

Source: HOB