2019 Prediction for Cloud Services

By ridhigrg |Email | Jan 4, 2019 | 14841 Views

 Here are some predictions for this year 2019. Cloud services are mainly the research where you can easily understand the trends of recent times and prepare them for the future, analysis digest the huge information of what other experts says in the cloud business. 

Multi-site and multi-cloud and geo-distributed clouds
For all the workloads, a public cloud isn't right. In the future, it will continue to grow but it will be augmented and expanded steadily with complementary technologies and platforms. There are issues of performance, locality, the gravity of the data and security which will help the organizations to drive to a mix of clouds some to the clouds edge and some to private clouds and left ones to the global public clouds as it is chosen on the particular benefits and features. In short, we are moving towards the multi-cloud services and geo-distributed model. There are multiple vendors which are used by many people and many most of them will have infrastructures which will be on premises and off premises. There are some companies which are doing the job of integrating the infrastructures of on premises. 

Momentum is gained by the Azures hybrid strategy 
Google and AWS have entered into the cloud market having no legacy of the cloud play. Even Microsoft has a legacy software which is huge which is installed based and have pitched hybrid cloud which strikes the balance between the cloud and the system of on premises. Because of this Microsoft got the top position in the cloud market. Aws is growing at a faster rate than any other cloud providers. Hence Microsoft is not only building the infrastructures for MSPs to use, but the applications are built on top of that which is making the transition easy for a cloud. Another great thing is that Microsoft has owned MSP market will continue to grow in 2019.

Consolidation of the cloud vendor
As per the Gartner, the leading 4 clouds will host 80 percent of the deployments of IaaS/PaaS, but in the next 2 years maximum organizations will move through the technologies of cloud and the tools from an integrated IaaS and platform PaaS as a service provider and from that provide both the capabilities will be used. The only cloud provider IaaS have more chance to exist in the upcoming years as the demand of the organization will be more accurate for their hybrid systems. The initiatives which are strategic like projects of digital transformation which mainly results in taking the multi-cloud and hybrid cloud which gives the growth of the IaaS market.

Source: HOB