Good and bad tech trends of 2018

By ridhigrg |Email | Dec 27, 2018 | 9270 Views

These days we are covered with the technological world and it's like living through multiple hurricanes. New products are launched continuously and there are companies which are trying to grab attention with the promotions which are new and some catastrophe which might threaten the safety of the world. There are multiple themes and trends which are emerging, and there are stories which come together with a much larger narrative. Some perspective which comes out of the consumer technology space in 2019 is:

Apple is getting down at its own game
For Apple, there are several companies which are preparing a Chinese model. They have always been waiting for the next trend to come and they copy. These Chinese manufacturers are benefited for there duplicate product and in the upcoming years, every manufacturer will be going to abroad for bringing the notch of every price ladders rung. As the iPhones which are latest, they look more fresh and futuristic but the body of the iPhone is being recycled as similar to the last year's body. 

Phones are getting bigger and brighter
Phones which were bigger in sizes were called as Tablets and we use to think that these devices are novelties, but now everything is normal. We would still choose now taking a small phone seems to be better rather than having a phone which stretches your finger. Earlier phones were in two colors either black or white. But these days phones having colors and having stripes on their back are more in demand which makes us remind about the 2000s when we use to have Nokia which has many imaginative designs.

4G is cheap
All the smartphones which are launched in this year work on the 4G network only. This transition was very faster, as manufacturers and network operator makes it better. We all are benefited from the mobile operator's services as they have kept the prices very low. And it is noted that we are still lagging behind in terms of speed. 

Specifications matter more than ever
There are multiple low-cost phones which are launched this year having a processor which is powerful. As in the past have a good storage system but do not have good camera pixels and sensor models were not high. Now with the increase in technology, the demand and specification of the customer have also increased. Customers always comment to confirm whether the phone is supporting with quick charging, or will receive the updates regularly and many other specifications. To the Indian buyers, these specifications are mattered a lot and manufacturers are aware of it. 

It's still early for artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence promised to transform our lives in recent and upcoming years. Deep learning and neural networks underpin many tech trends of 2018. As Artificial intelligence is growing, these devices will become more useful and benefited by these services too.  The capabilities of AI latest processor is highlighted by MediaTek, and AI is in action which is used ore in applications. 

In 2018 there are many new trends through which people are benefited and this is just the gist of it. There are many more applications and trends which are recently revolving with a great effect. 

Source: HOB