Get Insights With These Most Popular Videos On Neural Network

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Dec 26, 2018 | 22371 Views

Consider this as a collection of references to be consumed over time. These videos range from a few minutes to hour long videos. For your convenience, I have also mentioned the summary against each video for the overview purpose. Go ahead and check them out.

Videos related to Neural Networks
1. Getting started with Neural Networks:
Heres a playlist is known by Neural Network Class. It covers the basic to advanced level concepts of neural network ranging from an artificial neuron, activation function to recursive network training. You won't find long-duration videos in this playlist. The videos are short and crisp with the longest duration of 24mins. I'd recommend this to every beginner learning neural networks.

2. Neural Network Training Part 1: The Training Process: 
This series of video teaches how to train a neural network i.e. neural network training.  The way of explaining is really good. This particular video gives an overview of the complete training process. Once you click on this video, in the Up Next the section on YouTube, you'll find its subsequent videos covering topics such as neural network error calculation, gradient calculation etc which are indeed helpful.

3. Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks:
ANN exploits the non-linearity. It assists the process of input-output mapping says Professor S. Sengupta, IIT Kharagpur, India. He flawlessly explains the concept of an artificial neural network in the simplest possible manner. He explains using a pen and paper which actually helped me to understand these concepts. Towards the end of this video, he touches upon the applications of ANN. Don't miss out the Up Next section.

4. Visualizing and Understanding Deep Neural Network:
Convolutional neural networks are used to recognize objects, images, and videos. In this 47 minute video, you'll be introduced with the concept of deconvolutional network followed, the insights for architecture selection in the convolutional networks. The role of visualization is to present insights on the performance of each layer using which improvements can be made.

5. The Next Generation of Neural Networks:
A person who needs no introduction, Geoffery Hinton, gives an enriching talk on the neural network at GoogleTechTalks. This video will help you to build a solid foundation in deep machine learning. It will also take you through the journey of neural networks from the past to future. Geoff cover topics such as back propagation, digit recognition, Restricted Boltzmann Machine, and related topics.

6. Neural Bots- Evolving Artificial Intelligence:
This short video explains artificial intelligence using evolving neural networks by using a designed program Neural Bots. The complete activity of the bots has been visualized using a pre-defined set of commands. This will be fun to watch.

7. Speech Recognition Breakthrough for the Spoken, Translated Word:
Uploaded by Microsoft Research, this video is a small talk given by Chief Research Officer, Rick Rashid. Rick demonstrates a speech recognition breakthrough using deep neural networks & machine translation which converts spoken English to Chinese languages, simultaneously, reducing the number of recurring errors at every layer.

8. Learning from Bacteria about Social Networks:
This video covers the unconventional topic of learning from bacteria about information processing. The speaker begins with the part of rudimentary intelligence which involves cognition, sensing, processing. He also shows the pattern of rethinking bacteria. Finally, the use of social networks can be seen driven by chemical tweeting.

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