Majority of women is less in science and tech! Why?

By ridhigrg |Email | Dec 21, 2018 | 7032 Views

When a women move to opt for engineering, the first question is Why?  Is it the right path for your career?  There are several questions which are asked by people. There are very fewer women in these fields. Only 20% of the women hold this job but why there is such a huge gap? Why does it matter that this career will only be held by men? We have few clarifications to these questions.

There are multiple reasons like the opportunities are being missed by women itself by not preferring this field. 5% of women make these fields as their priority. It is generally predicted that the job joining for tech will increase upto 17% by the next year with a faster rate. These are the fields which have a demand in future as well as present and the pay is very high. In practical terms, a problem of mistakes in product design is due to the less population of women. When airbags were designed by the automotive engineers that were only designed this only fits the dimensions of all the men. And the other was the voice recognition where this software only calibrates the voice of male member only. Companies are helped to design better products when there are more women which will work of all the customers, not excluding women.

This gap started before many years only, where girls in school were suppressed by saying that math and science are more effectively learned by boys only, it created a mindset for every woman. And the research shows that girls perform better than the boys and it was an unintended bias among people who push boys to technical views and suppresses and nudges women away from this path. And luckily, there is a change in this.

Few ways that women are already in tech jobs can easily have more recognition and can head up in this industry. The main thing is women should speak in order to be heard and should not be afraid of coming over the conversation. Connecting to the mentor makes a huge difference, and you might get many organizations which will help you reach the mentors. People you are working with and try and build social network who can help you. 

As there is a change in cultural bias, there are several technologies and the ways to move ahead for women in this industry. So as per the change in the generation, we can have more and more women choosing this as the industry as there career and achieving the desired result in this field. 

Source: HOB