2019: New programming languages which might enhance your skills in future

By ridhigrg |Email | Dec 21, 2018 | 105378 Views

It takes time in learning new skills. So before you start learning something you need to have a thorough knowledge that it would be worth or not. When you decide a particular programming language it is necessary to take an appropriate decision. So here are some views about which programming language you should learn in 2019? The new beginning will help to reflect learning which would be leading in the upcoming year. 

There is a list of several programming languages from which you would be benefited to learn in the New Year. 


Being the foremost language, python is getting foremost and demanding language. For learning this language it can be the perfect year 2019 to learn this language. It is also seen that this programming language is the easiest language to learn. Through this language, you can easily master its syntax as it normal English language is used without facing any problem. But python is known to be the most famous programming language. You have the power to develop multiple applications after learning this language. Python is not just important for machine learning. It works on multiple ranges of applications. If you are new for the development of the software field or you want to write the effective scripts of automation you should go for python in 2019.


It is not similar to python, but in the upcoming years, it will take a rapid growth. It is very simple and there are people who love this language a lot, as it is powerful too.  Its creation is the reason as Google developed this language which effectively handles all the complexities of the developed systems, without adding any problems of workflows. This language will help you develop you in growing by having the combined aspects which are functional and programming of object orientation and also features in the development of the tools. If you are looking for increasing your language knowledge or donĂ¢??t want to go for python go for this language. 


There are 80% users for this language, they loved using this language. The simplicity of GO and Python is being lacked in terms of rust. It only does the programming of the system which is fast and more efficient. Rust and go both the languages are made by the developers of similar mind. Somewhere or the other, they have similarities, but you can make a well choice between the two. If you are searching for lower level programming language Rust will help you to develop efficiently. Rust does not have any set of rules, you can easily develop applications. It mainly specifies your need what you want to use for the language. If you often do system programming and can easily handle the learning curve you must learn this language. 


This language is around for a limited period, but over java, its performance is gaining more popularity. Not easy to learn, it is mainly the to rewrite the rulebook, its a reattempt. It is a language which used for all the purposes which work for the principles of object-oriented and functional programming which is in Java. This language can be of great value to you if you give more time to this language. This language you could learn in 2019 if you are looking something alternative for Java as it handles concurrency much prominently. 


This language is mainly used for the IOS developers as it is the replacement for C. the development community of the Apple mainly used this language primarily, there are signs where swift could be expended which can become the language of the servers choice and systems programming. This language might be useful for the future purpose having both the versions which shows the evolution sign. It is easy to learn, more efficient and more suited for the challenges which might be faced by the programmers in the future. For building the products of the apple you can learn this language and it also helps you to rewrite the server code. 

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