Soon more than half of the world will be in real time: Brace yourself

By ridhigrg |Email | Dec 19, 2018 | 6600 Views

More than 20% of the data will be flowing through enterprise in the actual time within the upcoming years. The growth is coming out of services in the financial department, healthcare, manufacturing, and sectors related to media and entertainment. There is a sudden growth in the real-time data which is essential as stated by the author's report. 

As per the study, it is concluded by authors that half of the data stored could be in a public cloud environment. This shift is due to the rapid growth of IoT sensors that helps you in constant recording, capturing and analyzing data in the environment of business. Demand is increasing for the real-time data as it is more efficient. There is an addiction to the customers to data which is in real time. As the digitization of the company increases and they better experiences from their customers, consumers are embraced through these real-time engagements and the expectation for delivery of the data is increased. As the companies, digital world overlaps the realities which are physical, accessing the product and services is expected on any device and any connection. They want the data in the real-time which is personalized. The data becomes more precise as per the demand of the consumer, where core and the edge both have a higher demand. 

Rise of the real-time enterprise
Today, there are several consumers who interact every day with the data, and in future, this number might be increased. Everybody creates data in real time and it is noted that in the upcoming time more than a 150 billion devices would be connected. Data is moving from one model to another which is from consumer to enterprise-centric, where an enterprise has more burdens in providing the leading experience. In this digital world, consumers are more demanding as per the technology and company should be able to provide real-time data and services through the personalized network. 

The data which is intelligent is being prepared to drive our businesses and help them to work in real time. The edge helps the enterprise to bridge the gap between the data which travels from one point to the core for informing the decisions of real time. Either it's an analyzed data or data analytics, edge internally plays an importantly increasing role to enable the real-time data.

Source: HOB