How Digital transformation can be a human transformation?

By ridhigrg |Email | Dec 17, 2018 | 10428 Views

The idea of transforming digitally is quite divergent and it has progressed and enlarged up from few years. Earlier, the development is technology was not too much the recent years it has evolved and entered the business lexicon. We use to apply advanced technologies to the process which already existed just to increase the efficiency which is like new tools are used to do the same things. Digital industry has evolved and expanded the IT industry as well. To achieve a competitive edge new tools are used to perform the task differently. New technologies are implemented which helps in the procedure more effectively in the marketplace.

There is a development with new technologies which helps to control the challenges of an organization as well as the culture. You should keep in mind that there are multiple task performers but the main thing is how your organization is prepared to easily adapt to these new technologies.

The objective of the business:
Firstly, organizations do not mainly aim at targeting the decisions of the business but focuses on the technology which is wrong. Firms mainly use cloud or have the capability to develop artificial intelligence. This is the sign of a negative path. A business objective should be how to satisfy customers more flexible with new technologies or look upon how your business can easily be transformed by artificial intelligence. When your goals towards the business are clear, the decisions which are technological are easy to give away.

Firstly the most difficult task should be automated:
Replacement of humans through the new technologies is the biggest misconception of every firm rather they should empower them to improve performances and try to deliver the added value. Human employees should be improved with more effective technology which can be a better approach. On the place of replacing workers, you should try and make them more fruitful. The moral of the human can be improved through this approach.

Business models and the organization should be shifted:
This is also the common mistake is only make shifts in the technical terms and rest of the business is in place. The organizations shifted to the cloud have brought up many new business opportunities. This has allowed the company for creating a data which is demanded. Serving the customers better and having a focus on the new market makes the shift of the technology this much success. At the business, results were mainly focused, and it was easy to generate traffic, and true transformation is created through it.

How technology was earlier, and how is it now. Every work was done by the efforts of humans. Data analysis was done through the paperwork with human efforts. Currently, the work has changed with new technologies and value have been developed through multiple skills as a collaboration which has become an advantage. The works which have the high value it involves the human involvement who help the machine to enhance their task. That is the reason digital transformation is human transformation. 

Source: HOB