From video how can you build a face detection model by using deep learning?

By ridhigrg |Email | Dec 13, 2018 | 16497 Views

Recently, Computer Vision is evolving and has climbed into its own federation. Already there are multiple numbers of applications which are widely used and starting with a new is a big progress again. Ideas are being embraced through the concept of open source which is the leading benefit for upcoming generations. There are thousands of people having new innovations and techniques which they wanted to share as it does not remain of any use.  Face detection technology which upcoming offers you with the excess number of applications in real-world. Using the open source tool, how can you build a proficient face detection algorithm? 

Few applications which are used very frequently where this face detection technique is used. We also have this technique in our smartphones as a face unlock feature. How you can maintain the personal data securely? This is just an example to tell you what it is. On a larger scale also, we can implement this same technique which helps cameras to click pictures and faces are being detected through it. Face detection makes the certain task easy for many organizations as well. Many conferences and offices will be benefited if they have this technology as people do not have to carry any ID cards and they will be accessed through this technology. The camera should easily detect the person and he/she should be allowed to enter there. Another would be the task of counting people sitting in the conference room, there is no need for manual counting as we can have a camera which can click pictures of every individual and gives the total count. These techniques are highly beneficial, isn't it?

So coming to the point how to set up this system? What all hardware and software requirement is there? Through an open source tool, how can we easily build face detection techniques!
Firstly, the hardware setup is required. Where we have to look upon the webcam: is it placed correctly or not! Then comes the software setup which involves the installation of python, install open source computer vision applications which helps you build the application of your computer, and install face recognition API for Python. Now there is a need for the system set up where you need to create an application and then code it. 

Fun is something which will be upcoming! Now you can do is build a use case completely around the above code. Means you should first build a system where a person can be easily identified in a video, and the speaker's location is being focused. So after a long process, you can easily build a face detection technique for multiple cases. Deep learning is such an interesting field and gives us a way to move ahead. Through the open source tools, you can build real-time face detection systems that make the applications more interesting and efficient. 

Source: HOB