How there is an advancement in your life through Deep Learning?

By ridhigrg |Email | Dec 7, 2018 | 7452 Views

Technologies are developing and developing with a wide range of quality every day. There are many new developed functions on our smart-phones which functions much better then they use to be. The fact is that we are continuously interacting with our computers by just talking through the smart techniques, either its Apple's Siri or Google voice. Earlier people do not use any technology but these days it is seen that customers are using speech interfaces very frequently. 
There are several forms of language processing and machine translations which have become more convincing. As spoken words are also rendered by Google Translate in different forms of languages, while it also offers the translation of texts, even already prepared replies are also offered by Google inbox for many incoming emails. Then comes the image recognition advancement. You can easily identify photos which have no identity and let you search or automatically organize collections of photos. The advancement in image recognition extends far beyond many social media apps. Many medical companies claim that they would be able to use computers to read medical related issues like X-rays and CT scans more accurately. These all have been made possible by a structure of techniques used by Artificial Intelligence which is widely known as deep learning. 
Deep learning has a specialty about neural networks is that no human being runs a computer to perform any of the technologies or techniques mentioned above. A learning algorithm is added to a computer by the programmers which are exposed to big data and it allows the system to figure out the recognition of desired objects, words, and sentences. Therefore, writing software is already built in computers. Todays scientists operate vast computational power and enormous storehouses of data that is images, videos audios and text across the online networks which helps neural networks to work well. 
This dramatic progress has changed and sparked new generation technologies. There are several companies which are already integrating deep learning into their everyday process. The advanced increased computational power is making all this possible and helping in developing the computers more scientifically. Deep Learning is mainly the subset of Artificial Intelligence, which delivers a vast range of technologies that enable computers to solve problems superficially. All the important mathematical techniques that enable computers to perform the task with more experience is progressed by machine learning techniques.
Within machine learning is deep learning, which is mainly composed of algorithms that allow software to perform the task itself by exposing multiple layers of neural networks to a large amount of data. There are companies like IBM and Microsoft who are helping business customers to adopt deep learning applications such as translation services and speech recognition services. The powerful impact of deep learning comes when it is integrated with the other artificial intelligence techniques in some new ways that have never been used before. So, through deep learning, you could easily save dollars and its also beneficial for the environment as well. 

Source: HOB