The Vast Growing Programming Languages In 2018 - According to Github Report

By Kimberly Cook |Email | Oct 23, 2018 | 106269 Views

GitHub has published a vast growing programming language its latest State of the Octoverse report, looking at trends in the software development industry.

The report shows what the GitHub community has "accomplished on GitHub this year" and looks at aspects like popular programming languages.

Along with a list of the 20 most popular programming languages in the world for 2018, GitHub ranked the fastest-growing languages.

"We're seeing trends toward more statically typed languages focused on thread safety and interoperability: Kotlin, TypeScript, and Rust are growing fast this year," said GitHub.

"In addition, the number of contributors writing HCL, a human-readable language for DevOps, has more than doubled since 2017."

The image below shows the languages with the biggest growth, based on growth in contributions in GitHub.

Top open source projects
VS Code, React, and Tensorflow once again tops our list of open source projects by contributor count. New to the list are projects that manage containerized applications, share Azure documentation, and consolidate TypeScript type definitions: Kubernetes, Azure Docs, and DefinitelyTyped. 

Fastest growing open source projects
Overall, we're seeing trends in the growth of projects related to machine learning, gaming, 3D printing, home automation, scientific programming, data analysis, and full stack JavaScript development.

Cool new open source projects
You open sourced a lot of exciting work this year, from machine learning frameworks to games. These projects aren't the fastest growing or highest grossing but we thought they were star-worthy-and so did the community!

Top languages over time
You're coding on GitHub in hundreds of programming languages, but JavaScript still has the most contributors in public and private repositories, organizations of all sizes, and every region of the world.

This year, TypeScript shot up to #7 among top languages used on the platform overall, after making its way in the top 10 for the first time last year. TypeScript is now in the top 10 most used languages across all regions GitHub contributors come from-and across private, public, and open source repositories

Top emoji reactions by programming language
Contributors to Ruby offer the highest percentage of Love -but we didn't need data to know that.

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