Popularity of languages in Machine Learning and Data Science over the years.

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Well now that machine learning has become a buzzword in the tech industries and other industries across the globe. The question that is most commonly being raised, asked debated whatever you want to call is, what is 'the programming language' that one should earn for a surety of job in the field f machine learning or data science. That is the million dollar question (maybe not literally). Before looking at the answer I provide you with, I would like to mention you that you should still go through data read about it more and then come to a conclusion on what is the best language for you.
Talking about data, following the trend most people search what's trending section on indeed.com, but why you might ask. Indeed.com works on the concept of what is the most searched and selected in term of job offers. It provides you with the information about what an employer's choice of skill, what they want and are seeking for. Note however that it is not a poll on which skills are effectively in use.  It is rather an advanced indicator of how skill popularity evolve (more formally, it is probably close to the first order derivative of popularity as the latter is the difference of hiring skills plus retraining skills minus retiring and leaving skills). 
I am a writer I can talk around the bush for a bit too long, but you all reading this are not, you are the 'need data' kind of people, so let's get a look at some data. After doing some search and searching for machine learning and data science on the web for hours before writing this article, the most outstanding programming languages related to the topics; Java, C, C++ and JavaScript, these are like the tier two favourite languages for machine learning, hoping that you know about python and R being the top languages when it comes to machine learning and data science. Other than these common names some other languages that around are Scala given its link to Spark, and Julia that some think is the next big thing here.

Data that for machine learning

What can we determine from this data?
First thing first, in the above photo we can see that there is more than one language popular at a time and they have an increase and decrease when it comes to machine job postings.
Second, with the increase in popularity of machine learning and data science amongst people this directly reflects at the popularity rise of all the languages.
Third, we can certainly point out that python is the number one language and is followed by languages like Java, R and C++. Python popularity over other languages has been ever so increasing, while Java is losing its grip on R in the lead board.
Fourth, for a language that was not even here Scala has sure made its name amongst the popular languages and made its way into the popular kids section on block.

Fifth, I you compare Julia with other programming languages it is just not even in the league. But if we look at it as its own it sure is making great progress especially in the last few years. 
If we ignore Scala and Julia in order to be able to zoom on the other languages growth, then we confirm that Python and R grow faster than general purpose languages. 

There is a good chance that the popularity of R will surpass that of Java soon given the difference in growth rate.
Focusing on deep learning with this query, the data is quite different:

Python is still considered the leader, but C++ is the closest to it, then Java, and C following them right after.  R is not to far in the rankings too. There is clearly an emphasis on high performance computing languages here.  The growth in Java is significantly fast.  It could overtake C++ place soon, as for machine learning in general.  R isn't going to be near the top anytime soon.  What surprises me is the the absence of Lua, although it is used in one of the major deep learning frameworks (Torch).  Julia isn't present either.
The answer to the original question should now be clear.  Python, Java, and R are most popular skills when it comes to machine learning and data science jobs.  If you want to focus on deep learning rather than machine learning in general, then C++, and to some lesser extent C

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