Top 12 Famous Data Science, Big Data & Data Analytics Influencers In 2018

By Kimberly Cook |Email | Sep 13, 2018 | 20964 Views

As data science and big data get the hype in the industry, handling it is a challenge we need to deal with. Along with all the pros on one side keeping yourself advent with the latest improvements in this field is another issue which bothers us. So how do you think we can reduce this pain and stay updated always? Well, if you seek an answer for this, then this article is a perfect read for you.

Staying updated with the latest news and publications in the field of big data and analytics can be made easy. There are thousands of people who stay glued to upcoming trends and update other people via some social media handles. So if we get what to follow (blog or website) and whom to follow, probably there would be less pain to look for something new. So here's a list of top 12 big data influencers to follow and know about each trendy thing happening around. These are people who have been in this field for many years and are recognized as experts.

Kirk Borne
He's known as the kirk of analytics field who remains as one of the top influencers from the past two years.  In fact, the number of followers from 2016 to 2017 is 30 thousand more. He has worked in NASA for almost 10 years. He was also appointed by the president of US to brief in about Data Mining and how to stay safe from Cyber Attacks.  He's currently working as a Principal Data Scientist at Booz Allen. You can follow him on Twitter, also he has been a part of many Ted talks where we can listen to him.

Ronald Van Loon
Loon is another great influencer to follow not only for big data but for the Internet of Things and Business Intelligence too. He manages 119,000 followers on Twitter along with a group on LinkedIn too. He's into writing articles that help the reader gain knowledge on these technologies. He writes for organizations like DataFloq, Dataconomy and Data Science Central. He recently stepped in as a big data educator on the Simplilearn platform.

Hilary Manson
Being a blogger, speaker, author, and an influencer at the same time makes Manson one of the top 10 influencers to follow. She founded a company named Fast Forward Labs back in 2014 which actually is a machine intelligence research company. She basically handles too many stuff at one go like she is the Vice president at Cloudera, the data scientist at Accel. Also, she worked as a chief scientist at Bitly previously.

Carla Gentry
The owner of Analytical Solution and a social media enthusiast, Gentry is another big data influencer. Gentry is a mathematician and an economist who has helped many big brands over the years, to make complicated data make sense and bring in profits. Presently she is working with Samtec Inc.

Vincent Granville
Vincent Granville is the Co-founder and the Executive Data Scientist at Data Science Central, one of the most popular online resources for Big Data, analytics, and data science. Granville has an extensive knowledge of machine learning, predictive modeling, keyword and BI, fraud detection and data mining.

Merv Adrian
Merv Adrian has been in IT for over 30 years and is currently a Research Vice President at Gartner covering data management, with a focus on emerging Hadoop and related technologies and changing data security issues. Previously he was Gartner's lead analyst for Microsoft. Merv's personal blog and twitter output provide occasional commentary on industry issues not covered in his published Gartner research.

Bernard Marr
Bernard Marr is a best-selling business author, keynote speaker and strategic advisor to companies and governments. He is a known name in big data and analytics industry. He regularly publishes articles on Forbes, Huffington Post, and LinkedIn.

Craig Brown
Craig is a subject matter expert as well as a technology consultant. Who else would know better than a person who's being into this field since the last two decades? Brown is also the author of the book: Untapped Potential: The Supreme Partnership of Self where he explains how one should walk to the path of self-discovery.

Cindi Howson
Howson is Vice President at Gartner along with his own BI firm. He's the Founder of BI Scorecard, an in-depth BI product reviews-based firm. She's been advising clients on which BI tool should be taken forward and what strategies to use. She is also the author of Successful Business Intelligence: Unlock the Value of BI along with The Big Data and SAP Business Objects BI 4.0: The Complete Reference.

Bob Hayes
Hayes is always very obsessed with big data like how to use it to solve the real-world problems? How to implement it so that maximum people can be benefitted? So this intelligent man holds a Ph.D.  Degree in Industrial Psychology and is currently the President at Business over Broadway.

Carlie Idoine
Not only big data but she is an expert in Business Analytics & Data science toolsets too. She's been into this field since the last 25 years. Idoine provides research & advisory services which are aimed for using analytics to solve real-time problems. She is currently the Research Director for Business Analytics & Data Science at Gartner.

Gregory Piatetsky
Piatetsky is the president of KDnuggets (Biggest website for big data and data science space). Along with this, he's also the co-founder of KDD (Knowledge discovery and data mining) and ACM SIGKDD (An association of data science & mining).  He's been an influencer managing around 120,000 twitter followers.

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