Top Five Programming Languages To Learn in 2018

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Aug 28, 2018 | 10302 Views

Language doesn't mean that this is on 5th position is bad or language is at 1st position is the best language. It's just the classification and giving them the number's. Coding languages go in and out of fashion as new languages emerge and established languages become obsolete. Software developers need to keep up with these trends to remain employable and capable of creating cutting-edge software.

Following are the top five programming languages in 2018:
  • JavaScript: Java script has been ranked no 1 in 2018. It's very useful and most important programming lang for front end and back end developer.

  • Python: The demand of Python is increasing rapidly. Python use in various job role. Like:
  1. Data Science
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Web Scripting
  4. Game Development
  5. IOT
  6. Software Development
Python is a super powerful language and the number one language just because of Machine Learning. If we talk about any big companies like Google, Facebook or startups their engineers have a thorough knowledge about Python. If some want to implement ML anyhow into their product must have a great understanding of this language to grow up.

  • R programming: R programming is also in demand because of machine learning. There's a hard competition between Python and R. R programming is also use in Data Science for data handling.

  • Swift: Swift is very popular lang use to develop mac / apple / iPhone. But swift is not easy to learn and community of swift is not free or open source, so u might face some problems learning it. Swift is a programming language just to go inside apple ecosystem. Apple is a big deal it sells insanely crazy high amount of devices every single year, regardless whatever the prices or whatever the highest quality they are building up, they actually sell the product. If someone going to design an app which includes any kind of apple ecosystems so swift is here to go inside to any apple ecosystem but apple device is mandate which creates huddle because everyone can't afford apple device. But now markets are extremely huge and hype in jobs that's why apple made it to the list.

  • C++ /C#: one should have a knowledge in those language if u want to be Software Developer or working with operating system. C++ is object oriented programming lang. You should also have a knowledge in java. C# (C Sharp) is a simple, modern, general purpose, object oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. Language is popular for games and the people who are in dot net market.

Source: HOB